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    So im 18, i am a diaper lover but i havnt worn one since i was like 9 or 10. I remember early in my life i would take diapers from my daycare when i was about 5 and i would put them on and keep them on all day. Then i moved to a different city and stopped wearing them for a while. Then my neighbors had a kid when i was about 6. I would go over there and every once in a while i would take a diaper from them and bring it home and hide it in my bunk bed. Since then i havnt had a chance to get my hands on one and havent had the courage to go to the store and buy some.

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    Hello wellyeah and welcome to the group.

    Could you please take a moment and tell us a little bit about yourself such as you hobbies and interests.

    Again welcome to the group.

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    Hi, wellyeah. If you check under Articles at the top level here, you will find one on makeshift diapers. Gives tips on how you can have a diaper without having to go get it. Most of it incorporates bath towels. I have used this type for years. The good thing about using a bath towel is it hides well in the laundry.

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