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    I'm very close to starting a period I'm not looking forward to. My current shower-room's been needing a serious revamp for some time but now everything may be coming to a head a bit quicker than I was hoping. Here's the situation: While my main shower's getting all the attention guess who has to move to a temporary shower?!! Worse thing about this shower - it gives out a very limited about of water (it's different from my main one in that respect) and there's nothing that can be done about it. Now I like to have a normal shower every day (who doesn't) but when I wet and sleep through the night of course things play out differently.

    If I've wetted before going off to sleep I wake up in the morning and have a shower to deal with that (urine soaked 'downstairs' area) however because I like having my normal shower at the end of the day that means 2 showers in one day. If you've read some of my past threads you may know/remember that I wear a nappy for three nights before changing (that's wetting before the start of the third night), this means that I'm not having a nappy-centric-shower every day (which is a bonus) but I still need to have one.

    When I move into this new shower it's very likely I won't be able to sleep through the night wet, leisure day-wet or leisure day-mess for about two months (a lot of shower work is needed!), so of course I'm getting worried, wetting and messing nappies is - for me - very therapeutic so I don't know what kind of emotional being I'm going to become. I'm sort of convinced I'm going to become like a druggie who can't get a fix and is being stopped at every turn.

    Yes there are solutions: I could wet/mess/both before my one shower of the day (the normal one) and that may be the course I take so as to keep my sanity in check, in regards to sleeping through the night wet then waking up looking for a solution I could temporarily bring adult wet wipes into the picture but that solution comes with attached financial joys (ha ha - SARCASM!!!). I don't know at this point which of those solutions I'm going to use but it'd be nice to know if there's anyone out there (regarding this site) who's had to experience an...experience like this.

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    Maybe keep a wet washcloth or small towel in a tupperware container to wipe yourself down in the morning?

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    That must be one lousy shower. Yes, you could basin wash your diaper area and then take your shower. Whee there's a will, there's a way.

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    Join a gym. Gyms have Showers.

    You can shower whenever you want, as much as you want, and you might just pick up a healthy habit on the side.

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    While your new shower is under construction, it might be a good idea to give up messing in your diaper (unless you incontinent and unable to do so). In my experience, it's not necessary to shower after each wet diaper change. A thorough wipe down with baby wipes suffices. Shaving or closely trimming pubic hair also makes cleanup easier.

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    I love the gym idea. I have a Y membership so I can get a shower when I can't make it home.


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