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Thread: ADHD and Bedwetting

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    Default ADHD and Bedwetting

    I wet the bed most nights and have done for quite some time now. I'm also highly suspected of being ADHD and am going to see a specialist very soon for a diagnosis. I've done a fair bit of research and have found some articles suggesting that there may be a link between ADHD and bedwetting/ incontinence. Any body else here know anything about this? Cheers

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    I'm ADHD. I have bed wetting issues at times as well. I also have high anxiety which causes me to have bladder spasms which causes my OAB as well as constant urge incontinence. So, I do think depending on the severity, and each person is different there could be a connection.

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    Well I have ADHD and I've only wet the bed maybe twice since being toilet trained.

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    I have ADD and I have never wet the bed. Neither has my sister with ADHD. Maybe it is a girl/boy thing? Or possibly it is more likely, but not a sure bet.

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    I read the same thing online somewhere. I am ADHD and wore pull-ups through 8 years of age because of bedwetting problems

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    Thanks for the info guys. I'm going to see this specialist soon and I was wondering whether it was something worth bringing up in the appointment. I guess it probably is

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    I have adhd and bedwet also
    I think there may be some kind of link between the 2 but I'm not sure how

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    I am ADHD and was a very occasional (once a month or less) bedwetter up to age 6. Then I wet one other time on a camping trip (sound familiar?) when I was 7 and that's it, fortunately (or unfortunately if you skip my logic side and ask my fantasies, lol.)

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    Hey everyone. So I went to the clinic today and as suspected I am 100% definitely ADHD. It's actually kind of a relief to know this as I have been worried for so long now that I'm just stupid or lazy but now I know for sure, so I'm happy. I did mention my bedwetting/ incontinence to the nurse, which meant a full explanation of the meds I've tried and that I also need nappies when out of the house. She noted it down with all of the other evidence but didn't say anything else about it. I'm still curious as to the link between ADHD and incontinence. I think I'll ask them again when I return for my next appointment in a months time. I'll keep you posted

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    Bed-wetting and ADHD have been connected always. I think its psychological with PTSD and any events that would have traumatized ones child-hood or maybe something seen on TV such as a sex scene. This is my thinking on the subject I hope someone finds it helpful. :3

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