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Thread: Hunter X Hunter anyone?

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    Default Hunter X Hunter anyone?

    Anyone else watching the Hunter X Hunter 2011 version? Opinions on Meruem vs Netero fight?

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    i read the manga for it a long time ago, but i have yet to watch the chimera ant arc.

    the final result of the old man's final rechnique was definately atomic blast that gives anyone strong enough to survive it a virus that will finish the job.

    they get to the part where Gon goes hulk yet?
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    Nope, can't wait though, I read the manga too but I'm finding the anime so much more intense, I think it's just the idea of the characters being brought to life XD

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    I'm following it. Tried to hold off on reading the manga but when I caught up to the anime I gave in. Fight between Netero and Meruem was amazing but I think it could have been better if they fought more instead of the long narrator dialogue. Can't wait for the Fight between Gon and Pitou.

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    The only reason I read the manga was because of the original series being cancelled, read the manga then when the 2011 remake came through I've started to watch again, but yeah Gon vs Pitou can't wait >_<

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    I've been thing of watching that. Just finished "Attack on Titian", so that's why the people were wearing those weird symbols on the street!

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    Attack on Titan, another great series XD So well done and although the hype broke the metaphorical dam, twas still badass XP

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    I loved HxH but I just can't watch the new one... I tried but it's just not the same

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    Quote Originally Posted by lilaznboy View Post
    I loved HxH but I just can't watch the new one... I tried but it's just not the same
    You really should, I watched the original first aswell, I mainly skipped the beginning of 2011 just to get back on track after the greed island arc, so far it's not to bad, definitely takes a while to get used to, but new animators mean new styles and takes on it XS

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    I'm in for it with the voice acting, so for the new voices annoy me xD

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