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    We're going on vacation for about a week (yay!). Anyone have a suggestion of a disposable diaper/booster combo when "discrete" is not an issue? (Still in public, out of town, but not at work). Abena M4s or dry 24/7s with a booster, or is there a different combo to try?

    Since this will be one of the longest times Ive been padded with thick diapers/boosters, what's the suggested time frames or number of times for changing without wasting diaper or risking icky stuff?

    Thanks bunches

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    try Dry 24/7 + an Abena large booster. Wear vinyl or rubber bloomers over to really hold them up and prevent wicking. Expect two to three changes a day, sometimes only necessary to change out the booster as it takes most of the direct hit.

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