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Thread: Dream diaper ( whats you ideal diaper?)

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    Question Dream diaper ( whats you ideal diaper?)

    My "dream diaper" would be a very thick diaper that holds 48 oz. of liquid and at the least 3 full messes. The diaper need to be very crinkly and make a lot of noise so you hear it every time you move. It also needs to sag a lot when full. It needs to squish around when its full. The diaper should be very noticeable whether its dry or wet. Lastly for structure it needs to let all the odor escape from the diaper and make the smell noticeable as well. For the design it needs to have very babyish style look with bright colors and baby toys and stuff. It also needs a liquid sensor to show when its wet. That is my "dream diaper".

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    Dude you praktically described mine minus the smell part

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    Sounds like a Bellissimo

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    I'd really love a super thick diaper with a overall blue color and stars all over it. It would have to be about hold out for a night and most of the morning before I needed a change.

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    Hmm mine ooh that's a tough one, My Dream diaper would have to be able to hold a urine capacity of about 100oz sag really bad while not pulling away from the skin, Have a electronic alarm that would say "This baby girl has wet her diaper Bad babygirl. And it would need to be crinkly enough that you could hear it 20 Ft away so that it would be utter humiliation when a ton of people are staring at you and know exactly what your wearing.

    It would need to block the smell of baby powder urine and mess's, And I would like the front to have some scolding message's for the Babygirl/babyboy to read and know that he/she was bad and wet, Then have some Disney princess character's on it. And it would need to make me crawl no matter what.

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    I have several!

    Pure fantasy diaper (fun to think about, not for real life): An adult-sized version of the disposable diapers available in 1980. No super-absorbent polymer; the padding is all cellulose. So the diaper needs to be very thick, maybe an inch thick or more. It would be impossible to wear one of these discreetly. It probably wouldn't be possible to walk without waddling. The backing would be plain white plastic.

    Practical fantasy diaper: A disposable diaper that's absorbent enough that I could wear it to bed without plastic pants and be confident that it would not leak. The plastic backing would be strong enough that it would survive a gym workout (including squats) intact.

    Economic/environmental fantasy diaper: A disposable diaper that's both very cheap and actually good for the environment, compared with using the toilet. One possibility: scientists engineer an algae that can take a lot of CO2 out of the atmosphere quickly, but the algae can't be released into the ocean. It has to be kept in tanks and the excess stored or buried as it grows. The algae turns out to be useful as an absorbent filler for diapers. So putting diapers made from this algae into landfills is a plus for the environment.

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    So whenever i see this thought, I think about that episode of Dragon Ball, or Dragon Ball Z, where the pig guy wishes for the most comfortable pair of underwear (one of the few episodes i saw), then i think, i'd wish for the most comfortable pair of an AIO thick cloth diaper that could magically clean itself when it was full. With lion king print of course.

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    My dream diaper would be the disney princess print huggies toddlers ones made super thick and big enough for an adult

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    My dream diaper would definitely be super thick. But would also never get hot or smelly. It would be made like new pampers with the velcro tapes but still crinkly and have designs all over it.

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    Picture something that has the capacity of a Bellisimo that swells like a wellness superio except it has the plastic used by Cushies (it's noisier) and single tapes that are 3" wide each instead of 2" wide. That's my dream diaper. To bad nothing like that exists.

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