View Poll Results: Do you wear anything over your diapers? If so, what?

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  • Plastic Pants

    39 25.49%
  • Onsie

    31 20.26%
  • White Briefs

    25 16.34%
  • White Boxers

    11 7.19%
  • Coloured or Print Briefs

    23 15.03%
  • Coloured or Print Boxers

    45 29.41%

    38 24.84%
  • I don't wear anything over my diapers

    54 35.29%
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Thread: What do you wear over your diaper?

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    Default What do you wear over your diaper?

    Hey There

    Does anyone wear anything over their diapers?

    If so what do you wear?

    I recently found someone on Ebay that makes awesome kid underwear in big kid sizes. She makes various cartoon & fun print full briefs and low-rise briefs. Its like the fun underwear many of us wore as kids (and hopefully still wear if you fit into them).

    I always hated the traditional white full briefs....they felt soo institutional. I'll take a good pair of cartoons, prints, or even solid colors any day to spice up my day. White briefs are soo rigid and boring...

    Anywho...sometimes I think its fun to wear the cartoon or print briefs over my diapers.

    Just curious if anyone else out there does?

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    I had to chose "other", as I normally wear regular underwear over my diapers (unless I'm sleeping in my diaper, then I wear nothing over it), and my regular underwear wasn't listed.


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    I personally am a fan of the Abena bodystocking. So I voted onesie, though that makes it sound way more babyish than it is. It just holds things in place so well and makes it so snug .

    I like to wear that, then pajama pants and a sweatshirt.

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    It depends (ha ha) upon various things. If I am wearing cloth diapers, then I will wear plastic pants. Sometimes I wear a onesie, sometimes pants, sometimes a sleeper, sometimes nothing, sometimes a dress...

    I don't wear underwear over my diapers.

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    Usually I'll just wear my regular underwear over a diaper which are briefs, either black, white or gray. I do also have an abena body stocking and I wear this as well sometimes, especially if I'm planning on going out of the house.

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    either tena fix cotton or attends stretch fit hose. both are like skin tight hotpants that keep a sagging nappy up and close to me.
    or i wear pvc pants.

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    Usually just a pair of underwear of boxer-briefs does the trick of concealing it and reducing noise.

    But if I'm just hanging about in private, nothing. Just pants straight over the top.

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    Well, I never have time alone in my house (I have to take care of my 2 little brothers) so I chosen others because I put on the diaper and then all my normal clothes, except the under wear.

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    Underwear usually, for camouflage reasons. Though If I'm at home alone or sleeping in bed, don't wear anything over my diaper.

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