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Thread: 22 cents per diaper? Anyone ever get anything from Alibaba?

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    Default 22 cents per diaper? Anyone ever get anything from Alibaba?

    I think is just for distributors/retailers, but they sure do have some interesting stuff there. And even though I think they're a wholesaler, it looks like you can buy adult diapers in quantities as small as one bag (depending on which diapers you're looking at). Like these, for instance: High Absobency Ultra Soft Adult Diaper - Buy Soft Adult Diaper,Ultra Soft Adult Diaper,Ultra Adult Diaper Product on

    But while scrolling around there, I also found these familiar faces: Newest Exclusive Baby Print Diapers For Girly-girls And Sissy Babies - Buy Baby Diapers For Adults,Print Diaper,Adult Nappy Product on

    Interesting, eh?


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    from what I have learned from the inflatable side of me is that they often steal pictures of well known products to reel in a sucker and then they take your money and steal it not giving you your items it or if they do deliver it's a **** product not looking like what you saw and you can't contact anyone about it. that's why almost everyone there doesn't except paypal either which they know would be bad for them because of their dispute policy.

    I would avoid them at all costs.

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    IIRC, Alibaba utilizes an escrow service. If you're in doubt, they can hold your funds until you confirm the product you received is the one described.

    The first product seems to be fairly legitimate, but the second one could very well be an ABU clone.

    Either way, just look into their particular buyer protection schemes.

    As far as them not accepting paypal, this is probably due to the high transfer fees for international sales. You pay $500, seller gets $447 after all the fees and conversions are over. There's also the fact that larger manufacturers probably tend to dislike having to wait 7-10 days for their money to be available, especially when they may need to re-order immediately.

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    Annnnnnnd....You will notice that on the second one, the minimum order is for 50,000 for the low cost of a mere $11,000 you can have shipping container arrive at your local port with 50,000 knockoff diapers addressed to do. Have fun hiding that lol

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