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    Last night i went to pop an M4 on as i pulled the left tapes across i noticed that they were sitting on my hip rather than near my belly button (like when you wear a nappy thats 2 sizes to small for you) , the bottom tape came clean off , i tried another one , but first i inspected it and noticed that the left wing with the tapes on was much shorter than the right.I have never had any issues before and M4s i fit in to quite well.

    I have contacted abena on this issue and i am awaiting a response , anyone else had this issue or similar ?

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    I've not had that particular issue, but the last 2 bags of Abena L4s (I'm not a small man) I got had pinholes in them. They're a rare treat for me, so I was pretty disappointed. That said, the Delta Form L3s have never let me down. I think they've finally supplanted the Tena Super Stretch as my favorite everyday diaper.


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    Not had this issueveither but I think ive had the pinhole problem with a few here n there. I keep a consistant stock of abena m4 in my closet, and im planning to restock next month and hoping to not have any issues.

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    I wear M4's every night and have never had these issues. I hope that I am not just lucky and I continue not to have any issues

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    Different wing sizes?! How on earth did they manage that one?!

    I once had a pack of Abenas, each of which only had three tapes. Annoying, but resolved with a bit of white duct tape. Other than that I haven't had any issues with the plastic-backed ones. The "breathable" (i.e. not waterproof) Air Plus range are another matter... :-/

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    I've had a couple wonky items like this before. Abena is generally good about it, and the products are never FUBAR, but it does happen. My most common issue is that the tapes aren't quite evenly placed.

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    I bought some Abena M4's here in the UK which are fabric and not plastic backed.I thought they were trash.They were really comfortable when first fitted, but they would pull out of shape and slide down the hip constantly after a period of wearing which was noticeably worse when wet.The odor control wasn't that good and the tabs would come unstuck and I needed to use safety pins to hold them in place.The absorbancy was great, but I felt the general fitting was rubbish.Also they are expensive and you only get about 14 in a pack for the same price you could get a pack of about 28-30 nappies of better performance.I will never buy again.Apparently you can import the better plastic backed ones from abroad but I'm not prepared to pay extra shipping costs plus import tax just for the sake of it.

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    I have worn Abena M-4 for a couple years now and never had a problem until my last batch. It seem like after wearing them to bed for a few minutes they become loose and I must readjust them has anyone else have this problem?

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