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Thread: Adding Salt to Diapers

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    Post Adding Salt to Diapers

    Touching on my previous thread of diapers being too heavy,

    I realised that in our daily lives, there would be some emergency situations where we would be forced to dispose of them in a less detectable manner.

    Info (can ignore, however read for discussion ):
    SAP as we all know is the main contributing factor to a diaper's outstanding absorption. The most commonly used compound is Sodium Polyacrylate a chemical that absorbs "distilled water" very well due to hydrogen bonding with H2O, which forms a malleable lattice.

    However in the presence of a saline solution (not urine.. the concentrations of Na+ are much lower) due to the cation Na+, SAP's absorbency is greatly diminished. Thus we want to know what happens when pure table salt is mixed into a diaper.

    Experiment Yay!
    Can some people do this experiment for the love of science, for the love of diapers, and for their care towards any community member who might find this useful.

    ***Please be hygienic! You could use a diaper with Tap water***
    1. Weigh diaper before hand
    2. Kill all the germs with Salt! ~ Spread half a iPhone sized amount (or more!) over inside of diaper (cut a slit and pour on sap mix)
    3. Make sure the salt soaks through
    4. Leave upside down over a toilet bowl, don't let it touch the water! for 30 min or more. Wash those two hands!
    5. Drain and weigh! Wash hands
    6. Report results back here along with diaper type =)

    Thanks! Science is a awesome thing, it's what makes us truly Human.

    Sodium polyacrylate - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Superabsorbent polymer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    I haven't done the experiment, but based off principles the results should be less absorption. Table salt (NaCl) disolves very well in water. Adding it to a diaper will mean when you wet the diaper(or get sweaty) it will disolve. The Na+ will still be there.

    TL;DR The Common Ion Effect makes everyone it's bitch.

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    As far as I understood, the salt is supposed to be added after you changed a diaper to extract and remove the water and therefore avoid heavy garbage bags. Honestly, that sounds like a lot of work but it could be interesting, if someone has to pay for garbage disposal by weight... as long as that someone doesn't spend more on salt on the long run...

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    Well I've learned something. I had supposed that SAP wad an acronym for what we put in the nappy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyDavid94 View Post
    Perhaps I missunderstood.
    The result should be that salty water precipitates out of the SAP. Due to the attraction force of SAP being over come with the Na+ and Cl- Ion combination (NaCl is more attractive for water + other science factors).

    - - - Updated - - -

    Thanks for the comments, =)

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