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Thread: Wet the bed for the first time in 35 years,

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    Default Wet the bed for the first time in 35 years,

    I can't believe it actually happened but I wet the bed for the first time in about 35 years. Just a quick background, as a small child I wet the bed up to about age 4 1/2. I have no memory of bed wetting accidents after this, but I'm sure i had some.

    Physically and mentally life has been a little challenging lately. I am out on work comp due to a work injury that has cause nerve damage mostly in my right arm/hand. I have had 3 surgeries to try and correct it but they have not worked. I have had a pretty stressful week, (as did my roommate) so Thursday evening we spent several hours drinking beer and playing backgammon. Normally if I drink craft beer and rarely have more than 2 since most of them range from 10%-15% APV. But that night I had 3 beers over several hours. (Eel River Blond Organic Ale 5.5% APV) I certainly was not drunk nor do I think I ever got a real "buzz"

    My Work Comp Dr. recently changed up my meds (Combo of Anti inflammatory, Acid reducer, muscle relaxers, and sleeping meds.) I took my meds late in the evening since they should not be mixed with alcohol. ( I think I took them around 11:30 PM and finished my last beer around 9ish. I went to bed about 12:30 or so.

    I had a very odd nightmare. I was hosting some sort of party, (we entertain a lot BTW) at my house, (but in the dream the house was nothing like mine,) My roommate was not there and somehow I didn't know anyone at this party. The party goers were necessarily rowdy, but they were comply making the place their own, moving furniture etc. There were even people I don't know in the bedrooms doing the same, making the place their own. At this point in my dream I began to panic as I was losing control of the situation. I hadn't yet checked on my room. (My room is MY private space since that is where my diapers are.) I walk in to find a large group of people, furniture moved around, and my stuff gone through.

    At this point I am in a complete panic. This is also the point were I woke up in the middle of wetting my self. I was able to stop the flow but pretty much had a complete void. I tend to be a minimalist sleeper so I don't usually wear PJ's and very rarely wear diapers to bed. I was just wearing a pair of thin running shorts that night. The shorts, sheets (some very nice bamboo sheets I just got for my birthday) an mattress were soaked. Fortunately when I purchased my mattress I bought the top of the line one that has a removable pillow top and the main part of the mattress was still dry. So at 4:00AM I'm having to change sheets. I know many here fantasize wetting the bed, but I found it completely horrifying and humiliating.

    After my roommate went to work morning I washed the mattress pad. Unfortunately it can not go in the dryer so I had to hang it on some C-stands in the backyard to dry. (I'm a part time photographer that's why I have them.) I had a very busy day planned and thought I had plenty of time to get back home before my roommate saw it hanging outside.

    I left for my Dr. appointment, which always takes longer than it should. I mentioned the incident to him but he brushed it off as if it wasn't a big deal. He then sent me out for routine blood work which I had not planned on. I also told a friend that I would help her move stuff out of her storage unit so I had no time to go home. To make matters worse there is major roadwork going on in between the storage place in where I live, so a 10 minute drive turned into 1/2 hour drive.

    A bunch of photo friends were due to arrive at my house and then go shooting for the evening so I had to text them to push their arrival time back. Luckily I got home just in time to grab the mattress pad off the stands and tossed it in my room just as my friends showed up and my roommate came home from work. (Normally it would not be a big deal having the pad outside trying because I wash it several times a year, but I had just washed it a couple weeks ago.)

    Thank goodness we had a wonderful time shooting in an abandoned whorehouse so my stress levels went way down. I got home just after midnight. I wanted to test my theory that it was the meds or stress that caused me to wet the bed so once again I had a couple of beers took my meds and put on a Tena Slip Ultra just in case. I woke up dry with a full bladder so hopefully this was a one time thing.

    Sorry this was so long. I just needed to get it off my chest and really didn't want to talk to friends about it.

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    So far this looks like a one time freak accident, possibly due to stress. I wore Tena Slip Maxi for the past 2 nights and woke up dry both times, thank goodness.

    Has anyone else here had a one off bed wetting issue out of the blue?

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    Well I have been dealing with bedwetting my entire life and I can agree, it's not pleasurable.

    About the one-time thing:
    You have mentioned it to the doctor - and as you have provided a lot of background I personally also believe it's not a big thing to worry about.
    To be honest, I know that a lot of adults occasionally have bedwetting accidents - it is by far not that uncommon.
    I wouldn't freak out and make it bigger than it has to be - keep a close eye on the situation, maybe get some protective pad for the bed (waterproof, PUL Sheet, high quality, not the crinkly shit).

    From what you say, you were under a lot of stress, you're taking a pretty serious mixture of drugs (well, you're on the meds by prescription, ... so it is safe to assume the doctor knows what he has been prescribing ),
    you did consume a good bit of beer (Which is a serious diuretic, and doesn't mix well with at least two of your meds)... and last but not least you had a vivid nightmare.
    I guess it's fair to assume that the combination of those factors have been the major contributor to your bedwetting experience.

    One thing I would question though is the need for sleeping pills - especially in combination with a muscle relaxant and some probably hefty pain killers / anti-inflammatory drugs.
    Whilst combining the relaxant with the anti-inflammatories is a pretty standard practice for a lot of things, adding a sleep aiding med can introduce its own set of problems.
    Of course without details on the type of drugs, the dosage, and some other aspects it's just a shot in the dark to say so.

    Generally the sleeping meds, I have found that a lot of docs give them far too quickly ... and they can be rather addictive (well not the actual chemical compound, but rather your body & mind getting used to it.)

    Just saying - maybe try alternatives.

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    OK, I just can't help asking: Is that an abandoned warehouse or and abandoned whorehouse? A couple of characters makes a big difference.

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    Thanks for sharing. It sounds like you are better prepared. I do not drink alcohol, so if I said it had to do with that and the mess that I have never taken either, then it would just be an untested hypothesis.

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    So far so good since the incident. I do have a reusable bed pad that I might put under the sheet just in case for the next weeks or so. The Dr. gave me the sleeping pills because I wasn't getting enough sleep. ( I also have a history of insomnia.) Generally I avoid taking all the pills and use a "natural" alternative" that re leaves my symptoms with no side effects. I have flat out refused the narcotic pain killers. (They really don't work on nerve pain and they block up the plumbing big time requiring a laxative, yet another pill.) However every few visits my Dr. drug tests me to ensure medication adherence so I have to stop using my "natural remedy" and go back to popping the pills. This also brings back the stress, anxiety, and depression that my condition has caused me. If it were up to me I would dump all the drugs and stick with more "natural healing" and proper diet. (This past year I have removed processed, GMO & chemically laden foods and that alone has made a significant difference.)

    Diapers for me are supposed to be a stress reliever when I want to wear, not cause stress because physically I need them. At least now I can truly empathize with those who suffer incontinence in one form or another.

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    Yeah, I agree. I use melatonin for sleep occasionally. I eliminated hydrogenated oils, artificial colors, flavors, preservatives and sweeteners from my diet. Less choice, but is so much safer going natural.

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    Quote Originally Posted by barkd74 View Post
    Has anyone else here had a one off bed wetting issue out of the blue?
    I had an incident the other day where my friend and I were walking into a grocery store around midnight, and out of the blue I flooded my pants. Seeing as I had khakis on, it wasn't exactly the most pleasant of experiences. I chalked it up to a possible bladder infection, but others have suggested that it could possibly be because my body is so used to wearing diapers. I believe the latter is true, as especially over the last few days I have had one heck of a time trying to hold it in, and always end up rushing to the bathroom. I don't want to seriously suggest that my body is losing control of its ability to hold in urine, but this or a bladder infection seem to be the only two reasonable answers at the moment. I'm going to consult a doctor for advice if it keeps up.

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    Good plan. If it is bladder sensitivity it could heal better with increased water intake, but after an accident the instinct is to drink less water. Hopefully you can diaper up until this is looked into.

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