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Thread: Help with Goodnites??

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    Unhappy Help with Goodnites??

    What do you guys think the maximum size would be for goodnites?? I fit into S/M Tena and Depends (ew, I know) products perfectly, but I have some pretty curvy hips and chubby thighs. I'm not sure if I can fit in them :c and I don't want to buy them just to get disappointed.

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    that's a recent picture of me. Any thoughts?

    EDIT: sorry it came out flipped??? I'm not sure why that happened

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    If you don't have bigger than a 32 inch waist, you should be fine. I'm a 32 and the xl fit me perfectly.

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    I have a 35 inch waist They go on very tight I have to hold the sides to keep from ripping But they are enjoyable!!! You can try a sample pack of 2 on ebay

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    They should fit you just fine once you get them up. Im a tall heavy guy with a normal size waist, but huge tree trunk thighs from sports. Keep your legs together and just be careful pulling them up and they'll fit you well

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    Default Help with Goodnites??

    I have about a 28'-30' waist and the XL size seems to fit me alright, although I haven't had the chance to try Goodnites out in a while, and I know they're constantly updating them.

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    To echo what others here have said, Goodnites do have very good stretch in the sides. Especially if you are looking at the L/XL size which I assume you are. They should work for you so try them out!

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    Thanks for the advice!! It's helped a lot <3 I think I'm just going to order a sample from ebay, it's probably my best bet!

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    Definitely a good bet. It's always better to get a sample before you commit to a bigger buy. That goes with all diapers. Then you might be stuck with things that are to small and only useful for stuffers. If you're getting them only for looks, they'll be ok. Goodnites are pretty stretchy, but once you get them on they might feel as if they are riding half way down your rear. It feels kind of weird then.

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    If you want advice, I'm around 38" to 40" waist depending on where I put the tape and the L/XL GoodNites fit me, they aren't exactly at their proper location I would say and they are tight, but they work really well for wetting them I had no problems, if you're careful not to just open the flood gates.

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    Indeed L/XL Goodnites have a very good elastic on the sides, I am like 26" waist and they fit me great , I wish you good luck and I am sure you'll fit in them , enjoy them !

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