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    well i once again need new shoes. i have always had a problem with this as i can get a high end pair of nike's and by the end of a month and a half there are holes in the bottom going streight to my foot thus needing new shoes again. i have always had a problem with keeping shoes as they wear out in about two months. the only shoes i have ever been able to keep were my Motorcycle boots, my red wing boots, and my Chucks (converse All star High tops)while i could wear the chucks alot they provide no support on long days, and boots are too damn heavy to be lugging around in the summer.

    So To my question. Does anyone know of a shoe that is Extremly durable and comfortable? Preferably like a lightweight sport shoe, the soles are the most important with me as they are the first to go. they will get heavy use, lots of walking, mostly gravel. but im at a point where i need to figure out something more long term not just a new pair every month then reverting to my chucks when im out of money.

    Any Ideas?

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    I run at least six miles every day, and I'm always amazed at how well my Mizuno Waveriders hold up to the beating I give them. They usually last about five months before they show any signs of wearing down. In running, your feet hit the ground at approximately three times the weight than when you're walking, so anything that holds up for that long is pretty significant compared to the other brands I've tried. I stick with the Mizunos primarily because they have kept me running free of injury and the cushioning is just right.

    (I feel like I just did a commercial!)

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    I've always had good luck with New Balance, especially the high end walking shoes. My son likes Nike's but they always seem to get a hole in them. His current pair of Nike's is doing good, though.
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    I swear by work boots.
    And modern, lightweight ones are comfortable and durable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by w0lfpack91 View Post
    Any Ideas?
    Question: Do you always wear the bike boots when you are on the road?

    I have a good pair of bike boots, got them about fifteen years ago. The problem is while they are good on the bike, out and about they are a pain, so I usually tend to wear trainers on the bike. Don't tell me as I already know, unless it is a motorcross you should keep the feet on the pegs.

    Anyways, back on topic: No, no ideas.

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