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Thread: Different names than mommy?

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    Default Different names than mommy?

    My Girlfriend doesn't like being called mommy which tears me to pieces but I respect her but she said I can find another name so what are other names that aren't like mommy or momma or mama?

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    It needs to be the same idea as mommy. It needs to be sweet and to make me feel like I'm calling her mommy when I'm feeling really little

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    Would she go for another name like auntie or you could change one of the letters like instead of mommy you could say mimmy or mim

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    I already asked her to be auntie she said no because I'm not her nephew... She really hurts me when she says I can't call her mommy but I really love her and I respect her completely. It can't be mommy and it can't be auntie or nana or anything like that. I don't think it can sound like mommy I think that'll bother her

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    I feel like your girlfriend might not want to be called mommy for the fact that its probably wierd. As you said because your not her son. So why don't you propose her name being mimmy, to her it will just be a name (either say it like mee mee or mem-me ) and to you it will be the same as mommy. Something you and her could talk about

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    She's just uncomfortable about it. I can't call her mimmy because that's kinda my grandmothers name rather than grandma or something

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    Hmmmm I see, maybe you could call her by her real name while your being little (say it in a babyish tone) and think of her like an older sister? Sorry if I'm not being very helpful. But I'm trying Lol :p

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    You are helpful but the first thing I ever wanted when I came out was a mommy. We aren't even really together because of it because I cried every single day and wouldn't eat or sleep. I don't know what to do

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    Maybe shes just warming up, don't give up buddy it will work out and if she's not the one to be your mommy then I am sure you will find one eventually. Feel free to pm me anytime. Here's one of my favorite quotes

    "The world does not inflict loneliness upon us, that is something we choose for ourselves"

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