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    Sooo, about this game

    I dont know how to say this,

    But it sucks.....


    What can't take a joke???

    Wow tough crowd

    This game is awesome, i love it


    I mean what other game make a small fur ball look this badass

    Yea... i could play this all day everyday non stop.

    But it is about $60

    And that damn $15 a month sub. I have not subbed a game since WoW.

    Meh....I think I can handle that its not that much its pretty worth it for this game.

    Any way enough talking to you Babies got to go back a blow shit up, see ya suckers!!!!

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    Just a update the game is going in open beta on the 8th to the 18th so that would be a good time to try it out

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    Thanks for the heads up, I got into the closed beta but I didn't get the opportunity to play.

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    good game but wow it really needs some extra optimization. it's a shame they didn't get to the chunk of their optimization BEFORE the open beta, but w/e. hopefully they offer some sort of trial a few months down the line after they release so I can try it out again and see if I can run it. my computer is too crud to run the game on the lowest settings without sub 20 fps at the moment.

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    going down the home strech with the headstart starting on the 31st well normal start is on the 3rd of june.

    This was what I looked like at the end of beta got up to lv 25 on my Engineer

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    A $15/month Neverwinter clone with cartoony graphics.

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