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Thread: Trying to remember the title

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    Default Trying to remember the title

    There was an animated miniseries way back in the 90's, sometime around the same time Red Planet aired, only this was on the WB.

    The plot involved a kid who was the son of an alien soldier. The sheriff of this small town was his father's co-pilot or something. There was a plot by the alien race to invade Earth and it involved a satellite installation on the moon that fired asteroids at the planet. There were also two human cops who got caught up in the plot.

    The animation was very much in the style of Titan AE. It had that sophisticated realism combined with CGI for the space effects. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

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    Soupy, you're my hero. I only ever watched parts of this but I'm hoping by now someone has uploaded it to Youtube. Thanks man.

    And I found it on Youtube. The world is good.

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