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Thread: Fun weekend ahead :)

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    Default Fun weekend ahead :)

    OK so my mom and sister are leaving to visit my dad for the weekend. (I can't go because I have to work) so I just walked to rite aid and got a pack of depends protection with tabs. ( I know, depends suck. But I haven't been indulging until recently and have only tried samples and the depend real fit. So I'm pretty stoked for this weekend. XD

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    Any diaper is better than no diaper! I hope you enjoy your weekend with the house to yourself! I too look forward to those times I'm left alone to fully enjoy my diapers. I used to wear Depends all the time, I would just load them with pads for extra bulk and dependability.

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    I do have one question. What would be the best way to double up these diapers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hellhieme View Post
    I do have one question. What would be the best way to double up these diapers
    Cool! I hope you have an awesome weekend wearing

    If you are going to double-up make sure you poke a few medium size holes in the bottom of the first diaper. After reaching capacity it will leak into the second one. If you don't poke holes it will start to spill over and possibly defeat the purpose. If you don't plan on wetting then simply just strap one over the other.

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    If you plan to have fun sitting or in bed, a heavy plastic sheet, I find, is an excellent precaution. I regularly save these 'to protect floors while painting' -good excuse! All diaper arrangements seem to have the potential for leaks, and I do like to be free from any worries. Best of luck! We share your excitement. Please tell us how things went!

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