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Thread: When Diapers Play Second Fiddle

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    Default When Diapers Play Second Fiddle

    When thinking about my favorite accessories for "Little Time", I have found that I like pacifiers and teethers the most followed by hair ribbons, baby music, clothes, (a bunch more stuff), and diapers are one of the last things. I like diapers, but they're one of the least important items, often traded out for cute panties. I find this odd both because of the strong passion in the AB community and because of my love of baby powder.

    I was just wondering if anyone else felt the same way, or if someone at one point felt this way and gained their love of diapers over time. Thank You!

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    I've always liked diapers, I can't really be "little" without wearing one.

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    that's not completely unexpected. Regular age play is by definition very closely related to AB/DL. As for me diapers have always been a key part of the experience both because I like the way they feel and I like the idea that someone has control over my basic body functions not out of a BDSM desire mind you more out of zen kind of thing where I don't have to worry about anything and it boils down life to its simplest desire. If you can get to that state without diapers, which is completly believable, then more power to you.

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    I have been little without wearing diapers before and it only happened once unexpectedly and when that happened I needed my plushie and I literally hugged her for about 30 minuets.

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    I regress often without diapers though diapers are my first desire. Blablafreckenlover brings out an important point, that some of us may be more into age play than regression. There is a difference, and it's covered in the book, "There's a Baby In My Bed" by Rosalie Bent.

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    I'm the exact same way! Diapers are definitely a "last" for me, as I can regress pretty easily. Pacis, blankets, sippy cups, and stuffed animals dominate the top of my "What Makes Me Regress" Scale ^-^! Diapers help and they're comfy, but I definitely don't need them to feel Little. Sometimes they even become too inconvenient for me. If I get out of babyspace, I can just put down my paci/sippy/stuffie and just be done with it, but if I'm diapered, it's, in literal terms, kind of stuck on me, and I just feel awkward about it once adultspace takes over.

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    For me, diapers are of the utmost importance when I regress. If I don't have one on, it just makes it way more difficult to get in the mind set. It's weird, but I guess they are just a constant reminder of the situation?

    Pacifiers and other babyish items play heavily into my regression as well, but they aren't on the same level as diapers.


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    Thank You so much!

    I think that since I normally do not play as a child young enough for diapers (regression is emotionally difficult right now due to current factors in my life) and the fact that diapers are rarely available right now in my life, I try to shift my needs away from diapers. I have very little experience with diapers (I have only had the chance to wear them a couple of times) and I wonder if I will become more attached to them as time passes or if I get the chance to wear them more often.

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    I would say for me diapers were always the greatest!! in every aspect as time goes on i can not and will not live without them, Im developing more and more AB as the days go on. right now you take my pasifier ill take your diaper and visa versa so diapers are a minor part of of ab but major to me as a DL

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    For me I love diapers, always have done since I was very little, but I think because I can't get my hands on them as much as other stuff that they are lower down on the list.

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