Sorry I haven't said this 'til now (I get the impression you all like to know what's going on with me infantilisticly) but I've been working my way through a bag of Vlesi Slip Plus Premiums and they're really bad. Not only are they cloth-backed but the tapes are a disgrace! They can't stay in place during the course of one night and I know I'm not the problem: I'm fastening them on right (no bad positioning or anything) and I don't move about in my sleep alot either (the evidence I'm using for this statement - my duvet's pretty unruffled come the morning). Every night I've worn them I've woken up (come the actual morning) with a loose nappy and it's a good thing I don't wet uncontrollably or it'd be a really bad situation. Anyone else had the same problem? Or maybe you've had a completely opposite experience?