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Thread: How dose it feel to mess?

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    Red face How dose it feel to mess?

    So..latly iv gotten the urge to do more then just wet my diapie. But iv always been timid about messing cus of the 'Mess' and the smell... I was wondering, of thouse who do mess there nappies, what's it like? Do you clean right away? What are some of yours tips for someone who is first trying it?

    Thanks to all that answer -Anna

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    My advice would be to wait until you get an opportunity where you know you'll have plenty of time to enjoy it and then deal with it without being disturbed by others. Also be prepared for a lengthy cleanup; a shower is usually needed, and think of how you're going to dispose of it.
    Your recent diet will greatly affect the smell and feel; it can vary.
    It's alright to enjoy it for a while before changing, but I wouldn't leave it more than half an hour or so. If you can, put some sort of barrier cream on.
    Finally, just enjoy. If you into AB or regression at all, then the act will help you feel very babyish.

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    Try it and find out. Generally not my thing, but lots of others here enjoy it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lokithegirlysergal View Post
    So..latly iv gotten the urge to do more then just wet my diapie. But iv always been timid about messing cus of the 'Mess' and the smell... I was wondering, of thouse who do mess there nappies, what's it like? Do you clean right away? What are some of yours tips for someone who is first trying it?

    Thanks to all that answer -Anna

    To me this is it in a few words: gruesomely awful smelly nasty dirty grouse despicable and utterly unlikable.
    Personally I can NOT understand how anyone can really like it.
    I'm urinary incontinent and wear diapers / pads 24/7 - and I would prefer not to HAVE to sit in my urine for sometimes too long.
    But excrements? seriously? sticking around my body? no thanks.
    happened like twice in my youth/adult life when I had like diarrhea and was luckily diapered anyhow... but honestly I had to shower for what seemed the better part of two hours before I felt remotely clean again.
    I wish there would have been something like mind-bleach so I'd not remember anything about it.

    I guess that sums up my feelings about messing pretty completely.

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    Mind Bleach lol.

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    pay not attention to the nay sayers about messing , try it and if you hate it then your all done with it, personaly I find it totally awesome to have a nice mess, you will find a way to make clean up a breeze, if you find you do enjoy it.. you'll never know till you try.

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    The smell is awful and you will need to shower after.You wont get clean using loo roll and/or baby wipes.You will need to tip the mess into the toilet to help lessen the smell in the trash can.Seems rather pointless if your mess is just going to end up in the toilet anyhow.I tried it once and the smell was enough to make me regret it.Have fun.

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    Messing is blissful! Everyone enjoys doing a poo - it's satisfying, rewarding and we're just programmed to enjoy our bodies' creative efforts. Using a potty, you have to hold it in until you are ready, sit there until you've finished which encourages you to rush it and then the physical sensation comes to a sudden end the moment the waste leaves your bowels. Using a nappy, not only can you enjoy letting things happen naturally at your body's own pace, the enjoyment lingers as the waste is all there against your bottom, a warm, sticky, tactile reminder of your achievements. Finally, once you're completely refreshed and relieved, you get another round of satisfaction as you clean it up, replacing the waning pleasure of being mucky with one of being fresh as a daisy. If you're on your own, the smell isn't a big deal. Sure, messy nappies ARE smelly, but using the potty can be quite a smelly experience too so I don't see why people make such a point about it.

    Prepare for cleanup before you start. Don't try using suppositories or marshmallows to make yourself go, just let things happen naturally. If you don't need to go, never mind, try again another time. If you do, don't be shy, just let it all happen when you feel the urge. It might feel 'naughty' the first few times but that's because you're conditioned not to poo in your pants, you'll soon get used to the idea that it's OK because you're wearing a nappy. Relax, try a few different positions, stand, squat, put one leg up, see what helps you get all your solid waste out comfortably. There's no need to rush, but when you've finished, clean up straight away. Don't fear the cleanup - it's not that difficult and so what if it's a big sticky mess? It can all be wiped and washed away, leaving you a nice clean bottom again. Enjoy yourself!

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    If you plan on changing out of it asap then you can get away with toilet paper or baby wipes to clean up. If you want to play around a bit though plan on taking a shower and febresing the area you played around in. The best thing to wear after you changed out of a messy diaper is another diaper this'll help pick up the pieces you might've missed. Another piece of advice is to take it like diving into a pool. It's better to jump in then to ease you way in slowly so as soon as you finish messing go ahead and plop down on it to get it over with. Otherwise though just wing it have fun and if you don't like it it's not a necessary part of the experience.

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    Without interjecting too much opinion into this, how it feels (and your experience) will be completely dependent on consistency of the BM. Generally speaking: the firmer it is, the better the cleanup will be and the less the smell will get out.

    Plan on taking a shower, though if it's relatively firm, cleanup can be handled with some wipes. Also make sure you bag the diaper right away and get it out into the trash asap.

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