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Thread: Safe place for your little side.

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    Default Safe place for your little side.

    I thought as an ab you need a safe place for your little side to come out and play. Mime is my bed, but if I being my pillow somewhere it's like my safe place comes with me. What are your safe places?

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    My head, my room, if my parents arnt home my whole house and back yard<3

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    I would have to say my room unless my wife and me have to the house to ourselves. But I still don't feel as safe as I would if I was in my room.

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    my room or the whole apartment if no one's around. The bigger me is always kinda watching little me though or at least that's how I rationalize my little self not being as prone to injury as actual kids her age.

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    My bedroom since it's the place with all of my plushies, toys, games and nappies! Plus it spares me a bit of privacy. ^^

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    The whole of my flat.Live alone and am free to indulge all my needs

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    It's my bed for me, it's where I can cuddle with my plushies non stop and I feel safe with them under my blankets.

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    The nicest thing about having my own apartment might just be that the whole thing is a safe place to be little. It used to be "My room, when no one else is home, and constantly peeking over my shoulder to make sure no one's coming, and praying no one found my stash". That wasn't a very good safe place! Now if I want, I can hang my dresses up with my normal clothes, throw out diapers in the regular trash, hang around dressed up however I's pretty awesome. Moving out is tough, but for an AB, it can be one of the best things ever.

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