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Thread: Fabine Exclusive (2014 print version questions)

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    Question Fabine Exclusive (2014 print version questions)

    Hey everyone. As a lot of people familiar with fabine exclusive's know, their old style of diaper had a problem with 'seeping' or leaking though the cover. They have had many print versions, the only one I'm sure has this problem is this style, as I bought 8 of them a couple of weeks ago from an ebay seller who has not yet updated their stock. What I was wondering through, is does the new 2014 printed ones have this same problem? (They look like this.)

    Does anyone have any experience with these new ones yet?

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    Sorry about the bump, really would like to be able to know without investing money to buy them. :x

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    Ive recently gotten the new printed fabines. So far i haven't had a problem with any seepage (i only wore the previous version that you have pictured so i never knew they seeped in the first place). But these have been fine so far. That being said, i have only worn like 4 of them. I have noticed that they aren't as able to take flood as the previous version of them. But they still hold up pretty well and are very similar to the previous ones.

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