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    Default need help finding a solution

    Well I currently wear tena pants super (pull up type) size large and finding it really annoying with readjusting them all the tim (pulling them up) as well as at the end of the day find my pants a bit damp in the crutch area ( even thou I hadnt used the pull up much).

    I had the same issue with depends underwear super (pull up type) I am really comsidering going to Molicare mobile as I tend to find the pading more comfortable but fear I will still have the same issue.

    I am not very comfortable going with the brief type as I can still make it to the toilet most times and even as a guy I sit down to do all my business as my stream pressure isnt that good and not as messy and ends drier for my pants.

    By the way my waist is 123cm as I had that measured today.

    thanks for any help

    p.s I live in Australia
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    Hi tomcat,

    I sympathize with your problems. I'm both bowel and bladder incontinent, the latter being a more recent development. I started out wearing pull-ups but, as most others have said, found them to leak too much. If you wish to continue wearing a pull-up, you might try the Tranquility Premium Overnight. Although a pull-up, it has very good absorbency, plus internal leak guards which can help against flooding. Secondly, do wear plastic pants on top of the pull-up to catch leaks. Thirdly, wear some form of Spandex shorts over the diaper and plastic pants to help by pressing the leg elastics more snugly against your thighs. I wear Underarmour compression pants. They keep the leg elastics snug, help hold a soggy diaper up, and help conceal the diaper by smoothing out any bulges.

    I fully understand what you are saying about going to the toilet most of the time. Until recently I was only bowel incontinent. Although I wear quality taped diapers I always peed in the toilet by pulling my penis under a leg gather. That should not be a problem when wearing briefs.

    Good luck and let us know what works out for you.


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    Your problem of needing repeatedly to pull up your pullup could probably be solved by wearing a pair of snug underpants over the pullup. If the sagging is what is causing the dampness at the end of the day, wearing underwear over the pullup might also solve that problem. However, if the dampness is the result of your wetting exceeding the pullup's capacity, you may need to consider wearing a tape-on diaper

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    If your not keen on brief type products you might want to try a belted product like tena flex. they use Velcro fasteners rather than sticky tape which can be easily taken off to go to the toilet and the don't need constant re-adjusting like pull-ups

    Hope this helps

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    Hi Tomcat, I am sorry that you are having problems with your pull ups, firstly look at the packet when purchasing your pants make sure you are getting the right size, because some pull ups come a little large they they say on the packet, ask the assistant they will know what is the right size.
    I was using the Tena pull up pants but with a pair of plastic pants over them, which helped to hold up my pants, but the NHS pct continence team changed the pants for Euron Form Large Extra Plus pads that do up with four securing tabs, which can be reajusted using the same tabs again later, I wear a pair of high sided rubber pants over of them, I havent had any wet parches on my clothing for months or my bed, its all a matter of getting the right size, once you have cracked it, you will have more security, and feel happier, I wear a pad and pants 24/7 for Nocturnal Enuresis and for a damaged bladder neck, it took some adjustment and some help from my wife and the continence team, but we got there.
    PS.I live in London GB. and they sell Euron pads out there, I purchasedsome when on holiday out there afew years ago. best of luck to you, all way about for a chat.

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    There's so many reasons why pullups don't work very well it's because they have 2 main sizes and they fit a huge range of sizes. They usually fit very poor, especially if you are smack dab in the middle of two sizes. They sag badly. You never really have a good seal. The crotch on those things tend to be narrow. They aren't made for heavy incontinence either. If you are incontinent, you should try to find a better set-up. Especially if you are getting any store brand anything.

    You should try a pad and pant system as another has said.

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    tomcat, there is a store in the US, not sure if they would ship to you or not, but possibly there is something similar in Australia. The store is, and they sell something they call "undergarment suspenders." They are basically just like any other suspenders except that they are coated with a soft velour type material so that it is softer on the skin, and the clips have nylon pads, not anything sharp. I bought a pair specifically for holding diapers up, but I like them so much I wear them all the time now. I take the top of whatever undergarment I am wearing, including diapers and pull-up's, hold them against the top of my shorts or pants, and clip the entire package. My diaper stays up, my pants do not sag, problem solved!

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    I would highly suggest going with a quality diaper like Abena x pluss. With the double tape system you can undo one side to use the Jon. If you want a pull-up Abena does make them as well they are called obree-flex.

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