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Thread: US Littles?

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    Default US Littles?

    Does anyone know anything about the retreat, or plan on going?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cereal View Post
    I..... I can't take that site's template and overall design seriously. <o.o7
    they say the full site is unlocked after registration. but it could just be a scam

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    Well it is free to register and no personal info is really needed (house address and other stuff) aside from the general area of where you live. Its actually simple.

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    The site does not get tons fancier once you are registered.
    But I don't think its a scam either.

    Like, I couldn't code a website to save my life ... so in a situation like this its not overly surprising its not great.

    I found out about it through Pacifiers R Us, which makes me think its legitimate.
    I got a paper with info when my Nuk 5 came in.

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