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    Hi everyone, I'm a care taker to my tv boyfriend and he wears baby diapers, can anyone give me some advice on diapers that are a better fit?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DogLady1 View Post
    Hi everyone, I'm a care taker to my tv boyfriend and he wears baby diapers, can anyone give me some advice on diapers that are a better fit?
    My favorite diaper is Bambino brand diapers. Bambino Diapers, The Best Source for ABDL Diapers and Products! They are extremely absorbent and they are very cute but the cute print is only on the front panel, not all over. There are other brands where the print is all over but they aren't nearly as absorbent as Bambino's with the exception of Fabine (I think they have all over print and are more absorbent than Bambino.)

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    Heya DogLady.

    First question would be... what is a TV boyfriend? It's not like a person on a TV show that you think is your boyfriend or anything is it? Hehe. Only kidding. I assume you mean TB, but if that is not the case, feel free to correct me.

    The next question, which is a little more serious and more important is what size is his waist? What size pants does he wear? There are several 'older' kids diapers/pullups available like GoodNights that you can get at places like Walmart, CVS, Walgreens etc. The next step up from that would be adult Fitted Briefs (diapers) or Adult pullups like Depends. But in all honesty, if you are getting store bought diapers, I like the store brands like CVS or Walgreens Fitted briefs over anything Depends. The next step up from there, is online shopping. Bambinos, like LittlePony suggested, or almost anything from XP Medical - Incontinence Supplies are both good choices.

    But yeah, depending on the size of your boyfriend's waist, you would have to look at the sizing charts to figure out the best fit for him.

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    LittlePony and LilMonkeyAlex gave great suggestions. I really enjoy the CVS brand. They're not top notch by any means, but they hold more than a baby diaper and still have that babyish taped up feeling to them. XP Medical is also a great store for quality diapers if you're looking for performance. If you're looking for cute designs though, I would look at AB Universe (but only if you're buying in small orders). I've heard horror stories when you deal with large orders or pre-ordering, however I've never had a problem with them for small shipments. Cuddlz is also a really good quality brand with a cute design and a single tape for that babyish feel, but be prepared to shell out some cash. ABDL factory has a wide variety of diapers if you want to explore around a bit, but it's all about trial and error.

    Everyone has different preferences and it all depends on what you're looking for:
    -Cloth or plastic outer layer?
    -Babyish designs or functionality?
    -Fit and feel?
    -Cost effectiveness?
    -Thickness and discretion?

    Each of those are important factors when considering which diaper is best for your boyfriend. And you've just gotta get a few to give it a try.

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