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Thread: Changing table shenanigans!

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    Default Changing table shenanigans!

    If you were a fussy baby having his/her poopy diaper changed, what would you want your caretaker to do to lighten the mood or make you smile/laugh? What's an ideal diaper change scenario to you?

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    Toys, special toys that are only for the diaper changing time, helps a lot to distract little ones, you can also sing a song especially created for the diaper change, the ideal song would be easy to adjust in length so you can continue to sing it till the diaper change is fully completed. You can also prevent little ones from reaching the diaper area with some kind of pillow that would go around the waist and keep busy hands away, my aunt used one in the past, can't remember the name but I'm quite sure it can be done for adults too, kind of look like a airplane pillow that goes around the neck but instead goes around the waist to keep hands out of the way.

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