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Thread: diapers or cable, I gotta choose

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    Default diapers or cable, I gotta choose

    So I live on ssdi, and its a lot tougher now since I have had a part time job in a while. So do I cut out cable and still buy diapers or try to go back to using depends and keep cable, I do have have phone( galaxy note 3) and netflix, and could get hulu, to replace cable. Either choice would also help with food to. Id miss hockey and world cup without cable but everything else im covered mostly. What should I do

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    I got rid of my TV bundle in february last year and didn't miss that much, I grab all my shows on some streaming sites, also a lot on youtube and hulu, which is quite a challenge to get here in Canada, but that's another story. Go ahead and save around 30$ a month on this.
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    I haven't had cable in years, it's a waste of money. I might watch a few hours a day give and take, and I feel that the price is too high. I also work at night, and on my days off there's nothing but paid programming on. I don't pay to watch half hour advertisements.

    Now I use Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu with a little Red Box and spend maybe $350 per year on tv entertainment.

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    I would love to get rid of cable but my husband and parents still want it so I am outvoted.

    I think HULU sucks. I tried it and didn't even have it for half a month. I find Netflix better and we are trying Amazon Prime. My husband is.

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    Its all a matter of preference, you could cut back on your diaper usage, and then spend the savings on better diapers to make diaper time more enjoyable/last longer, and still keep cable, or you could cut the cable and live off the internet like most people nowadays. I went without TV altogether for a little over a year, then i got into netflix and was just fine with that, but my bf wanted to get satellite and so now we have satellite, i like tv and i like satellite, but i could go without it. Internet though, i cannot go without.

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    Buy a tv antenna, I know you probably won't find much on it, but it's technically free entertainment. Or like you said, get some internet based services, maybe that would work. Or as suggested find a balance between the two. Sometimes in life we can only make these small sacrifices.

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    We are lucky in the uk as we have antenna based free view digital and it has quite a lot of channels so over here as long as you've got a smart phone cable could go

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    My situatuatiin is that I can definitely afford a case of abenas a month. But saving on cable would help. I did go without cable for a while back before I had a part time job but that was when I had a computer so I had internet. Now have no job, and no computer, but I do have a ps3 and my galaxy note 3. I think ill probly cut down my channels again and Keep cable at least to nhl season is over. And figure out someway to keep track of world cup. Once I cut cable ill have nefflix at least.

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    I'd personally stick with the diapers. Although I'm biased in that I don't actually like TV all that much, and instead opt to watch all of my TV online. Good luck with whatever decision you make!

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