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Thread: being paid to be a daddy?

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    Default being paid to be a daddy?

    So in the past, I tried to make a living doing adult entertainment. There was never much interest, even less in the abdl and daddy angle but..

    a fan who lives local has offered to pay me to be his daddy. Nothing sexual, just truly 24/7, for 3 straight months. It pays rather well and im seriously debating doing this.

    It would be my first "professional" scene like this, but im excited and a bit scared about it. The guy is willing to well.. ill be able to pay for my college.

    I feel rather odd accepting money though, this has always been something i did for fun.

    What are your feelings on this? Is it wrong to accept money for keeping someone as a baby?

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    I don't think it's wrong but I'm not sure how I'd feel about doing it myself, at least for that kind of timeframe. We contract out for all kinds of intimate and caring services without a lot of soul searching. I don't see why this has to be any different. Hardly any job looks appealing when you have to be on call at any moment for a period as long as three months.

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    well, you know what Lucy always says don't you;
    "get a signed notarized document"

    or someone might pull the ball right out from under neath you.....

    PS; as a babysitter or paid-daddy, i do hope that you can bring both a sense of humor and a set of charlie-brown videos to the party. they can come in handy sometimes.... (soft smile)
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    Its something we will have to discuss in depth. Theres zero bondage involved, he would be able to leave at any point if he cared to. He has several years of vacation time built up, supposedly this is his idea of a dream vacation. Having a failed porn star be his daddy for a few months. Hes willing to prove that he has the cash to pay me for this..

    I will be honest, the prospect is enticing and a bit scary at the same time. I do this for fun and this offer came out of the blue. Ive chatted with my husband, he realizes that this will be a big commitment on both of our parts and he is willing.

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    Well, you are giving up 3 months. If he wants to pay, then let em! If not sexual, then well, whats the harm! on the other hand, it is up to you!

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    I think you would be crazy to pass up the opportunity:

    1. We all need to be paid
    2. If college is your dream you are a step closer
    3. You will be helping a fellow AB/DL

    As long as your husband is genuinely good with it, it sounds like a win win situation!

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    Whilst it is something that is outside of my own realm for a multitude of reasons -mostly becuase I'm not into AB Stuff at all and for another that I'm time-wise fully invested in my own business....

    But the thing is this, you seem to have already ventured into paid for adult entertainment work... if you've been successful at creating a living with it or not does not really matter- it means you already have some experience earning money with stuff like that.
    Added to this the guy asks for a non-sexual - but still "intimate" thing.

    My personal take would be not just the money but whether I could imagine spending three intense months with that person.
    Also I'd say you should get some sort of a pro-rata payment system in place... for example minimum pay for each two weeks, payed in advance of these two weeks. if he or you decided to drop the scene prematurely, the two weeks are paid for and the money is yours ... Don't get paid by the end... if he's not willing to negotiate here, don't go for it. trust me.
    Don't get paid in full upfront either - casue you will eventually have to pay back a difference if he's dropping out early... and that can be unpleasant.

    The point is it's a business and needs to be approached with a contract and financials planned out. anyhting less is simply stupid.

    Aside from this, if you've got the experience to play the daddy role - if you're COMFORTABLE doing this with that person, for three month. If your husband & social structure around you is OK with it... then do it...
    if any of these aspects provide a legitimate cause of doubt or problem - simply don't do it.
    Don't let money ru(i)n your life.

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    Maybe it's just me, but exposure to the AD/BL is a good thing. There's so many people that are into it, but never indulge. So I say "Go for it". The more we do, the better off we'll be in the long run. Good luck suede!!! God Speed

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    Quote Originally Posted by superabdl View Post
    If not sexual, then well, whats the harm!
    What would be the harm if it was?

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    Quote Originally Posted by suede View Post
    Hes willing to prove that he has the cash to pay me for this.
    This wouldn't be my concern. Making sure you actually get it would be.

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    i wouldnt say its wrong to accept money for this no he has offered to pay you for it and if u enjoy doing it then all well and good its a win win situation for you both. personnally tho my ab side would never pay a daddy i like my daddy to do what he does out of love and i guess he gets paid in a way cos my addy uses me sexually

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