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Thread: Help , close call and other no2 related things graphic desciptions

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    Default Help , close call and other no2 related things graphic desciptions

    The last couple of days when I've pooped my diaper I have been unwilling and not that bothered to change it like a toddler would get in a hissy fit if mommy would try to change it , only finally changing when it's soaking or I've had a shower .
    This evening how ever some thing new has cropped up , I was laying on my bed air drying after my shower and I let wind and nearly followed through but held it so I got up to get a wipe and let wind again but this time I did runny down my leg and on floor luckily I have laminate .
    The thing was every time before when I've had runny no2 I can all ways hold it and why my unwillingness to change a poopy diaper even though I've done loads of them and have changed straight away before ?
    Is my Toddler side coming out ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by thehiddenme View Post
    Well there is a saying out there. "Never trust a fart"
    Yep 1st one I did and it nearly bit me second one did bite me

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    Has your diet changed any? Any different food, drinks or vitamins? That would seem more likely to be the cause of your runs than your little coming out, imo.

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    I highly doubt that's the case. I agree with Zipperless, it's probably more of a case of the runs than your "little side coming out". Of course, this is a great excuse to wear diapers all day. :P

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    Yep prune/apple juice probably would account for that
    But I think my little may account for the fact I don't want to change diaper probably subconsciously wanting a mummy or daddy to change it or make me have it changed
    P/s I should of made it clear the little side incidents has been normal poop

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    The old story, "a fart with a lump in it". I agree with zipperless diet has a lot to do with it when you get the drizzlies.

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    Heheheh... Poop is funny...
    But really, I would bet the apple and prune juice is the problem.

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    I tend to think that diet is the most likely reason

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    Try posting this in another spot. I know it was an accident but as it is not you are not asking incontinent advise it should just be in the diaper talk page.

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