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    Ok I change and clean my diaper area as soon as I'm wet. But I have diaper rash that I can't get to go away. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thank you!

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    Go to chemist or store and get some baby diaper rash cream

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    Sometimes I have to give my bum a break ... if you can maybe have some times when you aren't diapered.
    I also like baby powder, I put it on my nappy before I tape up. Mostly that's a convenience since I'm typically the one doing it, if someone were doing it for me I might like it applied to my skin.
    You could also try another brand and see if you found some that were more breathable, a cloth-like back might be beneficial.
    Aside from that keep the area clean and dry, and put diaper rash cream on it. You can find a vast array of those at any drug store, or really anywhere that sells baby stuff.

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    I used to have a lot more problems with this until I kept things shaved down there and did destine cream after each diaper change.

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    Piping hot towel, apply it to the area. Should reduce the inflammation, and therefore the symptoms of it.

    Past that, I'd recommend using a barrier cream from now on, and perhaps a mild lotion.

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    Stay out of diapers until the rash heals. I use a store-brand of hydrogen peroxide on a paper towel and rub that gently on the rash. That helps. Not much else does once there's a rash.

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    Gold Bond also makes a product. I would be concerned if there was a yeast or fungal infection. Those are remotely possible.

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