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Thread: wonders of baby formula?

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    Default wonders of baby formula?

    i've been drinking it on a regular basis at night and found not only has it helped me get to sleep but when i wake up in the morning i feel pretty refreshed and healthy, since my diet isn't that good i was wondering just how many vitimans and minerals are in a standed 200ml dose?
    and provided i stick to that of a night is it healthy / safe to drink on a daily basis? (providing that its not a substitute for real food or anything of course)

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    In the US all formula have a government mandated nutrition label with that information. Your profile says you're from Australia, so I am guessing they do not require a label.

    In that case, I agree with JellybeanBear - look it up on google or go to the website of the manufacturer of the formula you are using.

    Babies require a different vitamin/mineral dosage than adults do, so I expect there to be differences. Whether those differences are good, bad or indifferent, I cannot say, as I am not a doctor.

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    Hello Jayjay213,

    One thing to watch for is "Iron Fortified" formula. The extra iron in the formula can be harmful to a adult body. Babies need it to grow. Since adults are as big as they are going to get, the extra can make you sick. So if you drink formula, either don't get iron fortified formula, or don't drink it very often. Otherwise, enjoy.


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