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    Default A art commission

    I want to change my user name, but I want a picture to go with it. Does any one knew who would take a art commission for a young diapered dark magician. Any help will be nice.

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    I'm not really an artist myself. Well, I don't think I would be able to make you anything I think you would like, at least. But I'd suggest looking around DeviantART if you're looking for ABDL artists. It's quite a diverse art community with a lot of artists catering to various fetishes, including ABDL and ageplay. I'm sure you could find an ideal artist there. And if you like furries/diaperfurs/babyfurs, Fur Affinity is another good place to search for an artist.

    See I'm kind of new to ADISC and I'm not sure how many artists you can expect to find on this community. I hope you find a quality artists nonetheless!

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    EllieNoodleSoup makes some awesome art, but I don't think she's taking comissions

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