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Thread: Wearing In Public: Perfect Crinkle Coverup

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    Default Wearing In Public: Perfect Crinkle Coverup

    I work outside - frequently in the rain. I went to get a new rain jacket, and asked the guy at Dick's Sporting Goods to recommend me a good one.

    Enter the Froggtogg. Its unbelievably light - so light I can wear it indoors with no problem. Its also not that expensive - $50. And its made of a paper like material that crinkles just like a diaper. Everyone will simply think its your jacket.

    I'm sitting in a restaurant right now - wearing in public for the first time

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    I like wearing crinkly track pants around the fam. Are they plasticy? How about a pic? What are you wearing underneath?

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    Its a waterproof paper type material that rustles a lot

    I'll get a pic later - I have finals today and tomorrow

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    Certain trackie pants also had a nice crinkle to them too.

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