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Thread: Down Under Care - New Store for Australians

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    Default Down Under Care - New Store for Australians

    I literally just got this e-mail about a newly opened continence and ABDL store that's opened up for Australians. This might not seem like that big a deal to a few of the international members here with all your great websites, but this is pretty much a brand new thing for us!

    This is their site specifically for AB/DL's, Sissies and Babyfurs:

    Littles Down Under

    While this is their main site for general incontinence supplies for the public:

    Down Under Care

    I haven't ordered from them since I only just found out, but I may soon.

    They are also the first store in Australia to stock the newish Wellness Superio.

    I just... what? Did anybody know this was opening? It's crazy!

    Quote Originally Posted by Littles Down Under
    The website is dedicated all our Adult baby, ABDL, Littles, Babyfur's, Sissys, age-players and any other people in our family.

    As one of the only dedicated sites in Australia we are proud to be able to supply affordable quality products including Gary plastic pants, nappies - both disposable and washable, NUK 5, Rompers, Frillies, and Onesies. Look out for our own brand named products in the near future.

    Delivered discreetly to your door you can be confident that your details will remain confidential as our information is not shared.

    We look forward to helping you and the community within Australia.

    Quote Originally Posted by Down Under Care
    The website is dedicated to providing you with the best quality products for continence delivered discreetly to your door. The owner has been working around continence products and provided a safe shopping shopping experience via the internet for many years and are confident that there is the right mix of high quality products at affordable prices using a safe shopping program reliable warehouse staff that are and are efficient.

    We are based in Brendale (north Brisbane) and our experienced staff will be able to assist personal callers should the need arise. When comparing quality and price we believe we have found the right mix and you have to ask yourself why you would compromise the quality of life with inferior products that are frequently found in high street stores.

    With high quality disposable adult diapers (NASA inspired Wellness Brief) and with a choice of Gary Active Wear waterproof polyurethane pants or for those who prefer PVC pants, you will know that you will be able to go about your daily life without the worry of leaking. A choice of other products will be added as they become available.
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    I bet you lot are gladd as us in uk have cuddlz

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    Even if it doesn't concern me, I remember the thrill finding out that there's finally an abdl webstore in your country at last

    It's great to see more and more abdl webstores opening in different regions!

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    Thanks for the heads up on this, ive had a quick look on my phone, I cant wait to get home so I can see it properly on the laptop.

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    This is awesome, can't wait to see if they can increase what they have in stock. ^.^

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    Now that these are available locally I ordered some of the unique wellness to try since ive heard so much about them, and I cant wait until they have the abriforms in stock, hopefully when they get them they will stock the full range of sizes.
    The only thing I hate about ordering online is waiting for the order to arrive lol

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    If they start stocking some bambino and abu brands and have normal fabric abdl cloathing then my interest will be perked

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    I made an order with them today. c:
    I'm slightly confused though, because the order went through and they sent me an email confirming it's being processed but I never put in any payment information.

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