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Thread: Should I get Superios or A+4s?

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    Default Should I get Superios or A+4s?

    OK. I'm done with the OCD. Never thought I'd be asking somethinglike this, but here goes. Should I buy Superios or XP Medical level 4s? I like both, and with the 15% off Superio, the cost difference is negligible. I like a nice, thick, wet diaper. But, I like the wettness aspect as well. So, the XP sounds like it wins in that category. But I like swelling as well, and the Superio definitely wins that category. So. What is the logical choice? I wear cloth to bed, and use dispys activities. What would you suggest, and for those who partake in...activities. ..what's more important? Swelling or thick wettness?

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    Either for me. The key is, which one doesn't clump when wet.

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    I'm wearing A4+ right now as I am out of the Superiors. They both hold a lot, the A4+ start of thicker and for me they have a little more capacity. Despite A+'s lack of features I really have not had any issues with leeks. Overall I prefer the Superios. Their leak guards and second to none and their odd sizing is a perfect fit for me. (Most smalls are a little to tight and most mediums are bigger than I like.). Out in public Superios are quiet discrete unless you are heavily wetting them. Their biggest flaw is that the plastic is very thin and if you are too rough on them the outer shell will tear. They have made a huge improvement by adding a landing zone for the tapes.

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    I wear the level 4's and haven't had any clumping problems.

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