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Thread: First time ordering from AB Universe

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    Default First time ordering from AB Universe

    So, what I have just ordered are my very first experience with real adult baby diapers, and more high quality adult diapers. So far I have only tried store brand briefs and Depends underwear.
    I know the experience is going to be so much better with them, concerning regression and quality all-around. I am just unsure what to expect from the company. I have heard some bad reviews. What do you all think?
    I got the ABU brand sample pack, and the ABU Ultimate sample pack.
    Thank you for your response!

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    Last time I bought from them was almost a year ago. I had no problem, but I hear that the store has been going through some staff changes since then and it is causing issues with service.

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    I ordered two ultra sample packs from them a few months back and had no issues (1med. & 1 lrg.). I like the variety of the ultra sample packs vs. a sample of just one kind of diaper from most companies. Several diapers I had been wanting to try in that sample pack like: Tranquility (atn), Wellness, Abena (again), Attends and medium Abu diapers. Although my one complaint would be I did not get any wellness diaper samples, instead I received cloth-like Abenas (learned they have really bad tapes). I was bummed because I really wanted to try the Wellness briefs but I digress. It seems like the main complaint about ABU is on back ordered items taking a long time to be filled/shipped. I have only ever bought diapers that were in stock from them (how I ended up with a case of SDK instead of Cushies) because I don't want to wait. Plus they are all basically the same exact diaper, just different looks designs on the plastic. Abu diapers are not the thickest or most absorbent but night and day difference compaired to store brands, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

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    I stopped ordering from them when I got a pair of plastic pants that had pinholes in them. I sent them an email requesting a refund(pictures of it and all). They were supposed to send me another replacement pair, but couldn't since they were out of stock. Instead they just gave me a 20% off coupon. I sent them an email when they had more stock, but they wouldn't honor their previous deal.

    Ho humm..... I never really like the SDK's or Cushies, too flimsy for the money.

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