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Thread: Best diaper for active people.

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    Default Best diaper for active people.

    What is the best diaper for an active day time user ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ptrick View Post
    What is the best diaper for an active day time user ?
    could you explain?

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    By active I mean moves around a lot, walking, running, exercising, I would like something that won't leak or come apart when taped

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    There are so many types of diapers that that doesn't really say much. I mean, I could suggest something thin like a drugstore clothe-backed brand, which would technically meet your specifications. Just a note: all diapers will leak and come apart at some point. Can you be more specific with regards to the capacity you desire? The way it is now, there's a thousand different diapers to suggest. Me personally, I would wear an ATN, because I like those and have them handy. However, this wouldn't be practical for outdoor activity right now in Alabama where I live. So I might go with something else.

    Can you be (much) more specific about your needs, from where you can purchase diapers, desired discreetness and capacity, etc.?
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    Not sure about ptrick, but I want a tape on diaper that can be worn all day or while I'm exercising and not fall apart. I can't change at work, but I would love to wear a real diaper during the day. For obvious reasons, I wouldn't expect even dry 24/7 to hold a full day of voiding, but what diaper could handle an active person's lifestyle of long term walking/jogging/bending over/jumping/etc/etc and not fall apart at the seams before the day is over?

    I know store brand diapers do not hold up well to any kind of long term activity. After 3 or 4 hours of constant walking or other active/semi active movement the crotch part will be rubbed so much the sap starts to fall out of the plastic. The cloth backing underneith the Velcro tabes also gets frayed and the tabes don't stick anymore- ie the diaper is literally falling off and dissembling. Not fun.

    In my experience most adult pull on diapers especially depends realfit/silhouette can handle at least a normal day of activity or 1-2 hours of fitness exercise- i like adult pull ups and wear one everyday to work, but I personally would prefer to find a real diaper that could handle extended wear for daily use.

    I am too scared to try anything more given my incident with wearing a cheapo cloth backed adult brief which poured clumps of urine soaked gell down my legs at work about an hour before I was off.

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    When I work I have to crawl over large objects and bend down lift 50 pounds, my needs is light in the daytime, but I use ATN at night time when I sleep so I will try them, thanks for the info

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