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Thread: Favorite thing to do while diapered

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    Default Favorite thing to do while diapered

    I have a found a strong liking to do certain activity's while diapered. I'm not talking sexually but rather household things along with hobbies. Like around the house I've fallen in love with going outside on my deck to water all my tomatoe plants with a diaper and T-shirt only. It gives me a rush BC I know people can see me but they think its just white briefs I'm sure. I also love responding to fire calls with one on...its handy if its a car wreck scene BC they can last hours all the cleanup and I couldn't tell you how many times I've relieved myself while cutting a patient out of a car or simply holding the stop sign directing traffic. But my all time favorite casual thing to do in diapers is to order a pizza and watch Disney movies in the floor with my gf who usually doesn't make it through the first movie before she's out like a light.

    So does anyone have something non sexual they love to do while diapered? Anything? I'm curious so I can get ideas.

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    One thing I've considered doing while diapered is to watch some cartoons, to really try and get myself into an AB mindset XD

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    I turn into a total cuddle monster. So If my fiance isn't around I get My stuffed cow and bears.
    Even if I'm wearing in public I still feel more affectionate than usual.

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    Suck dummy fill diapers and feel totaly babyish

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    I enjoy diapered housework for some reason. Makes it bit more fun I guess.

    Nice avatar by the way!

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    EVERYTHING!!!! go Work, hang around the house, shopping ,wash the car you name it.

    Unfortunately most of these i have to have pants on.....

    I think it would be easy to say what dont i like doing in one. And i think that would be go swimming in one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siddy View Post
    EVERYTHING!!!! go Work, hang around the house, wash the car you name it.

    I think it would be easy to say what dont i like doing in one. And i think that would be go swimming in one.
    Just like me then , wear them and use them to their fullest

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    Wearing my Pjs and Cuddling up with my blanket whilst watching a movie and eating Ice cream, but other then that I like playing in the garden whilst wearing as it's well secluded.

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    We have a small nook behind our house that's a sort of glade in a forest, years ago my dad and I build a fire pit/hang out area there that has mostly been unused for a while. I love going back there diapered, because you're literally in the middle of the woods, hidden from view, and yet only a stone's throw away from our house (since walking in the diapers I have is...difficult).

    Heading out there on early spring days such as these is really quite awesome.

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