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Thread: Caught in public?

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    Default Caught in public?

    Has anyone been caught doing anything babyish in public?

    I have this ritual where I walk my dog with my dummy on a chain clipped to my hoodie. Either sucking my dummy or hiding it under my hoodie.
    Today I had to grab my dog by the collar so she didn't bolt after a family with another dog, and as she pulled my dummy flew out if my hoodie, dangling by its colorful chain in front of them (it's a fairly distinctive dummy). I was so embarrassed.

    It got me thinking that; I'm not the only one who sucks their dummy in public, I wonder how often this happens to other people.

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    I will suck my dummy driving my van so in traffic it's fun

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    That would be awesome. I hate driving as it is, I can't imagine doing it for a living, but now I wish I did so I'd have more dummy-time!

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Forgot to mention, this is how I hide my dummy whenever I'm in public. Easy access and fast, effective concealment!

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    today I was driving my car on the motorway when I had pulled in between two truck a car seemed to be taking a while to pass me and when I got next to my drivers window it slowed down had 4 people in it waving at me and smiling seamed they where AB too as there was cups and stuff in the car and I was sucking on my dummy the whole time.

    who ever they where I not too bothered or care as I am who I am and I do as I want, when it suits me

    mind you I do have sesame street characters sticker looking out of my rear window it looks epic

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    I've been caught wearing a diaper when delivery people have come to the house. I've had my sweat pants on, which I often sleep in, but the diaper seemed obvious to me.

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    I would end up dieing of humileation

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    Quote Originally Posted by AmberBulb95 View Post
    That would be awesome. I hate driving as it is, I can't imagine doing it for a living, but now I wish I did so I'd have more dummy-time!
    Off topic for a second, but I do intend to drive for a living and suck my pacifier whenever I can.

    On topic, I was about to go in for a job interview the day this happened and I was having anxiety attacks, so a friend (who knows about my habit) was snap chatting me. So I sent a snapchat of me using (set to 1 second of course) in the library because I was nervous. This is in a little corner in the back so I felt safe. As I was taking the pacifier out this one lady walked by and seen me with the pacifier.

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    I will go in my backyard when I get the chance, which backs unto a very busy road. Due to the incline, I am easy to see if you know where to look. So, have I already been caught? I dunno. BUT, I am not screaming it either!

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