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    I have always had some difficulty with the AB/DL distinction because I have a certain fantasy that I enact in which I am a 11-13 year old boy who is gently coerced into diapers, toddler clothes, and footed sleepers-For me, I have built a very specific wardrobe of clothing which those who have read my posts know well, That is: elastic waist corduroy pants, of which I own 4 pair, corduroy overalls-1 pair, corduroy shortalls with a snap crotch-2 pair, and turtleneck shirts-not necessarily onesies anymore-went through a onesie stage and it did not do much for me. I love the way I look and feel in elastic waist corduroys, and all my corduroy pants are Land's End ( God bless them for making these-found them in 2008 in a Sears in Charlottesville, Va, and I thought that I had discovered gold. I guess I am an age player.

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    I love little boy clothes too, though I haven't found what you were lucky to find. Kudos to you! I do have my bib overalls and a pair of short alls, both of which my wife got for me. I have a few striped shirts like I wore when I was a little kid, and I love corduroy. I have a corduroy spring jacket and a sports jacket. I had some pants, but I need to replace them. Hah! You have given me a good idea, something for my wife to buy me!

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    Unfortunately the Land's End full elastic waist corduroy pants ( which are full cargo pants) were discontinued. They are boy's pants, and I got size 18. They are just adorable and so little boyish. I guess that was the drawback for kids fashion is that most boys would not want to wear elastic waist pants because they clearly look like something a 3-5 year old boy would wear. I wish they had them when I was in middle school and high school, because I would have worn them. They really show my diaper bulge in a cute way, and they are so comfortable. I am not self conscious about wearing them out, however, I will get looks from time to time by younger kids.

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    You're Courtney, a li'l boy who's worth loving, & knowing, & being around. Stew the darn labels! I'm by no means a shrink, but I'm a med/psych nerd, so I might be able to offer input. The only good thing about knowing where you fall in distinctions, is that it gets you thinking of bio childhood, which may make for a better regression experience, depending on how yours went. To find out where you fall, ask yourself how your bio childhood went, when your needs started, If I remember right, there's a sexual side for you, right? if humiliation is a component, what is it about humiliation? Is it actually being humiliated, or is it knowing firm, but loving "mommy" is there to keep it from being too much? Where've you fall, you're loved, sweet boy!
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    Try looking up Littles I identify as a Little :3 I've never much felt like an AB/DL!! they have a pretty big community on tumblr ^_^

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    Age players come in all shapes, sizes, and ages (literal and figurative ). Some like diapees (ABDLs), and some, just like my wife, just want to be a little kid, age appropriately potty trained(littles).

    Whatever you are, enjoy it.

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