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Thread: Question for all adult babies!

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    Default Question for all adult babies!

    Hello All!

    My name is Veronica. I am a college student in the United States and am writing my thesis on adult babies. I am very curious and interested in this life style so I was wondering if you would be able to answer a few questions for me! I would of course if you like, quote you anonymously... Any input would be greatly appreciated.

    Was there a specific moment in time when you realized you wanted or needed to become an adult baby/mommy/daddy?

    How do you think the internet and social media has shaped your time as an adult baby/mommy/daddy?

    How have your friends/family reacted to this lifestyle? Are they supportive?

    It appears that there is a general feeling of estrangement towards the abdl community. How do you feel about this? What is the most important thing about being an adult baby/mom/dad that you feel the general public should know?

    Anything else you'd like to add!

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    Ok, I'll bite. Why not?

    Generally speaking, I'm not sure if there is a specific time that any of us became AB or DL. It is just one of those things that you either always have and are kind of stuck with, or outside factors may influence your decision, such as having a traumatic past experience. Others are simply incontinent and can't function properly without using diapers 24/7, so they ingrain AB/DL characteristics into it. Speaking from a personal viewpoint, I've experienced feelings of being an AB/DL ever since I was 5 years old. There is a story behind that, but for sake of length, I'm not going to post it now.

    The only thing that has shaped my time into this lifestyle internet-wise has been ADISC. In my opinion, this is one of the better supportive websites out there for AB/DL folk, and I like many others was welcomed openly when I joined. Other than that, not really too much of this is defined by my social media activities.

    My friends/family don't know, and barring some obscure hints thrown here and there, I'd prefer to keep it that way.

    Keep in mind, I am not speaking for the entire group, but strictly myself. Being ostracized from the general public is nothing new, most of us may even embrace it or welcome it. However, I get the feeling that most of this comes from the negative publicity we receive whenever someone not very suited for bringing it into the light comes forth and admits their involvement in related activities. An example would be the well known segment on Dr. Phil with the grown man who still acts like an AB. I have nothing against the man personally, but some of us on here are of the very strong opinion that such people do not represent us as a whole. Many of us are your normal, everyday folk. We can be your teachers, your grocery clerks, your stock associates. We can even be people you interact with in your everyday life, such as dads or other relatives. The lifestyle/fetish that we live out and partake in does not define us in any way, shape or form. It does not make us weirdos, or creeps, or pedophiles. It does not mean that all of us are creepy old man children that still wish to relive the glory days of their youth. What exactly makes it different from other common activities/hobbies that other people indulge in?

    Coming to a close, I suppose the last thing I want to say is what I have already emphasized. Many of us are no different from the people you have normal, everyday interactions with.
    What we do behind closed doors differs with each and every person, but in basic terms, it does not define who we are.

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    I'll bite as well.

    1. There was a specific moment for me. I was four years old, and was running through the house saying da da, da da. My mom kept telling me to cut it out, to act like a big boy. I of course continued, and finally my mom said that if I didn't stop, she was going to put me back into diapers, and if I didn't believe her, she said she still had them. I really thought hard about that, but we were having company coming to the house, and I didn't want to be embarrassed, but after that, I realized I always wanted to be back in diapers. By the time I was 12, I was acting upon it.

    2. I had lurked in a number of diaper sites for a few years, but I found ADISC when my wife discovered my diaper order. I suddenly had to explain something which I had kept secret for years. I remembered this site, and so I made an account and asked for help. It was the most amazing thing to me, to have all these members respond, and to be kind and gentle. Later, it became very affirming to be part of this group, belonging to a family of people who shared not only the commonality of liking diapers, but how to deal with its problems as well as its joys.

    3. As it turned out, my wife was very supportive. She asked me if I had enough supplies, and to order what I needed. Since then she has bought me sippy cups, plushies, footed jammies and onsies and downloads stories for me like "Goodnite Moon" on her Ipad. I go to bed diapered and wake up in "little mode". My wife will turn on PBS for me, and we'll watch shows like "Peg plus Cat" and "Dinosaur Train". The only other person who knows is my best friend from college. I told him shortly after I joined ADISC. He and I were intimately involved throughout college, so it wasn't much of a risk.

    4. I don't feel any desire to being accepted by society. I know what we do is weird to others and that's alright. I can understand how odd we would appear. For me, being AB/DL is a sexual fetish, but it also gives me comfort and a sense of peace. I regress easily, and there are to some degree, little thoughts going through my head often, especially if I'm alone and working on a project. I have my degree in music performance, and I work a professional job. I live a very normal life, and as part of my job, I interact with a lot of people. No one knows and I intend to keep it that way.

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    I would like to direct you to Bitter Gray web site on Paraphilia Infantilism. He has a lot of literature and studies that address the questions that you are asking.

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    I'll bite as well I know from experience the difficulty of a thesis.

    1. I can't say there is a moment when I knew I was AB or not. I feel like I was born with it like it was always there. I remember from a very early age that I missed diapers and I always though this was because I was potty trained at a very young age. There were several moments where I defind myself as an AB. I can remember when I decided on being a little and when I decided that I was a little girl (just the baby me is female not grown up me just clarifying).

    2. The biggest influence the internet has had on my AB/DL lifestyle is the knowledge that other people have this too and they understand what I'm going through. If I didn't know of the existence of others like me I would probably think a lot less of myself. On the flip side of that it also helped cement the idea that most people at best don't understand it and at worst consider it morally wrong and something akin to pedophilia. While I'm 100% certain the second group of people are wrong I do respect their and the more rational groups' aversion to it so I keep it to myself for the most part.

    3. Unfortunately my parents did find out I wore diapers when I was around 14. I say unfortunately because they didn't take it well. I remember dad kept asking me over and over just to explain it, where it comes from why do I do it etc. and I just couldn't give him an answer. I'll always remember what he said when he finally gave up on understanding. He told me that every family had skeletons and their closets and this was going to be ours giving me his oath that he would take my secret to the grave. This is honestly the best reaction I could expect from him just a general admittance that neither one of us really understood it and that he didn't want to know any more about it. i also have to give him credit for recognizing that it wasn't harmful in any way so he didn't seek psychiatric help for me which is probably one of the worst things you can do.

    4. I understand the general public's estrangment. It is one of the weirder fetishes out there especially because some people don't even consider it a fetish. It's fine that they feel that way and as I said most people just don't understand it but they don't feel any feelings toward it otherwise. It's just something they'd rather not know about just like I don't really want to know what they do when no one is watching either. Probably the biggest thing that needs to be stressed about us is that we are in absolutely no way pedophiles, or if you want to get technical this does not lead to being a pedophile. I feel like this is a big reason some people get an immediate disgust. Another thing to stress is that we are normal people for the majority of our lives and that being a baby/daddy/mommy is just something we do for fun.

    Good luck with your thesis you should post the finished product here I'm sure quite a few people would like to read it.

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    Good luck on your thesis!

    The experience is different for everyone. I first felt the 'urge' when I was 5 or 6 when I obsessed over dummies and even asked my mum to buy me one. I had no exposure to babies or toddlers so there weren't any triggers, it just came naturally.

    When I was 13 and developing, I felt an even greater urge for a dummy, but now I had the ability to buy them myself. I bought some dummies locally and it was the greatest feeling I'd ever experienced. Later, when I discovered the AB community I tried bottles and diapers and found them equally amazing.

    I think having this community is vital for people to healthily develop these feelings, I only joined this year but I feel a lot more confident now that I've put my story out there and talked to people with the same interests.

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    I will bite as well. The more information there is about us the less misunderstood we become

    1. For me being a adult baby is the only way I can function at all. I know this for a fact because I was so estranged from my own family and otherwise paranoid due to past trauma and the system failing me utterly that being just a diaper lover for the longest time (ages 16 to 36 which was only about 7 months ago) was demonstrably not enough to keep me from going to a psyche ward obviously. I never even thought about regressing until after I decided during a binge episode that I should at least have a name for what is "wrong" with me for liking diapers so much and so I decided to try to find out online. I received a shock and found this site.

    2. If I never found this site I would be so alone that I would be in the equivalent of solitary confinement for the rest of my life so yes the internet has shaped my social life enormously in ways I never thought was possible

    3. My family is not even supportive of me on a general level as I am estranged from them so it's obvious if they where to ever find out I was a AB/DL chances are they would just disown me and never talk to me again. In much simpler terms they would think that doing this would somehow help me and nothing could be further from the truth. My friends ironically know more about me then my own parents as they have been noticeably a lot more supportive of me and have not betrayed me like so many other's.

    4. I believe that the general public should know how utterly little society knows about us and hope to illuminate that ignorance with correlative facts and data so as to reduce the amount of damage being done to us for a lifestyle that cannot even be proven to be subjectively wrong. If I was to become publicly known as a AB/DL I would be targeted in ways that are unwholesome to describe and would require me to violate the PG-13 rule we have here so I will never speak of what can happen. Usually AB/DL's are not met with violence for being AB/DL but I can say being stigmatized with simply being a part of who and what that individual is regardless of whether even they want to be or not certainly leads to significant social challenges. I will most likely die without children or even get married because how will I raise happy healthy children or maintain a decent relationship with someone when I happen to wear diapers for fun as well as medical necessity more recently?

    If your interested I could show you some sites that have information about AB/DL surveys on them and you could get more information about this that way. here's a few links with enormous extra links within the site that might help with your thesis
    ABout ABDL - LEARN
    Understanding Infantilism

    If you have any further questions or comments then by all means ask me in either a PM or just posting a reply here based upon your personal preference.

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    Unless I see a new message from the OP, I won't answer any of theses questions, I have a strong feeling it could just be someone that want to laugh about us and had just found the website from search on google or something like that. I could be totally wrong, but who in the real world would try to do a thesis on AB/DL lifestyle except another AB or DL and even there, I don't know many colleges or University that would accept that kind of things, even as serious as it could be. Experience told me the world isn't ready to understand us yet, maybe in 20-30 yrs from now it would be different, but theses days any non AB/DL aware people prefer to laugh at us or call us pedophiles or freaks that should get psychiatric help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babyquestions View Post
    Was there a specific moment in time when you realized you wanted or needed to become an adult baby/mommy/daddy?
    I knew I was interested in diapers, but never connected it to being littler than I was until I was about 8 years old. My parents were gone, like they usually were. My sister was a lot older than I was and she was out - and if she'd been home she would have been abusing me anyway. My grandma had been watching television with me but she fell asleep. I went into my room and I turned on Full House, and suddenly got enormously jealous of the baby in that show named Michelle. She had not one, not two, but three daddies who loved her. As well, she had two big sisters who loved her. My family didn't really do that whole 'love' thing so well. I was pretty much ignored and lived in an abusive household with an alcoholic mom and a workaholic dad. I closed my eyes and kept wishing I could just change into a her, a baby, at her age, and be cared for and loved in the same special way it was on the tv show. I remember coming up with a makeshift diaper idea (I think clothes folded up), and putting on footie pajamas that I had. I felt a lot happier inside with this sort of escapist imagination game.

    How do you think the internet and social media has shaped your time as an adult baby/mommy/daddy?
    I didn't know there was a name for me until the internet. I honestly thought I was a total freak. I think I ran into it by accident, actually, rather than searching for it. The first site I ran into was "Diaper Pail Friends" which was a sort of support page and group in the 1990's. It said I think that there were "thousands" of people like me, and I was so relieved! Ever since I knew that I wasn't the only one, I felt so much better about myself. Since that time, this forum has helped me a lot. I even met my current partner here, and we are in a serious relationship and have been since last August.

    How have your friends/family reacted to this lifestyle? Are they supportive?
    I never told my family because being supportive isn't really a thing they know how to do. I never have told any friends. However, I've told a few boyfriends in the past. One was supportive, and the rest thought I was a complete freak. They truly wanted no part of it and seemed disgusted by it, and by me for doing it.

    It appears that there is a general feeling of estrangement towards the abdl community. How do you feel about this? What is the most important thing about being an adult baby/mom/dad that you feel the general public should know?
    It's sad to feel so alienated from the world in this way. However, I realize that it's a weird interest to have. I can understand why people think it's crazy. The most difficult part of it is hiding everything. Sometimes I feel like a gay person in the 40's. I literally hide my AB paraphernalia in the closet under lock and key. I can't tell anyone how I met my partner and we had to come up with a cover story for our real life family and friends; both of us petrified that someone might find us out. I'm so glad we look normal on the outside, so we can still hold hands on the sidewalk. But having this interest can be like a weight on your shoulders. You're always trying to keep it hidden and safe and locked away, with a nagging fear in the back of your mind that one day you'll be discovered. I keep thinking it would end like The Wall, the Pink Floyd album. I'll be put on trial, be discovered to be a weirdo, and have no way to protect myself ever again from the scrutiny of the outside world.

    The most important thing people should know is that most of us are fully functioning human beings. We may have a really odd hobby, or fetish, or whatever you would call it - but we usually hold down jobs, have friends, have lives, and families of our own. Also, we can't stop it. If we could stop it, we would have. Almost all of us have tried to stop being an adult baby at some point, and there's no way to stop it. It's like it's wired in our heads and stuck there forever. But, since we're not hurting anyone (or ourselves) I think it's perfectly alright. Just know that if you are mocking us, you're mocking something we can't even help or stop. Shaming us won't 'fix' us. It will just hurt us.

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    I would recommend checking out my videos as well. It's often from my personal stand point on Adult babies but nevertheless I think my videos are very supportive and informative.


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