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Thread: going from likeing diapers to needing diapers

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    Default going from likeing diapers to needing diapers

    been toying with going 24/7 then after getting used to that want to go from likeing to where diapers to needing diapers. would like to here from people that have gone from likeing to needing either by choice or not.

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    I would urge you to reconsider the idea of "forcing" incontinence, the only means which would actually be effective are no doubt detrimental to your overall well-being. I'll let others chime in and perhaps share some tips about wearing 24/7, without attempting to self-induce incontinence.

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    Eulogy is 100% spot on.

    I've been dealing with IC for my entire time so far and trust me, I'd get rid of it without thinking twice if it would be a possibility.

    Also I don't understand it - there are NO LAWS that hinder you from simply wearing 24/7 if that is what you want. Go ahead, don't impose any silly rules on yourself, don't try to become incontinent.
    Be happy about the choice and enjoy the diapers.

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    i would agree with the post above however my gf decided that she wanted to go 24/7 her choice not mine and so far it doesnt bother her but she has went 24/7 over a year before and now she has decided to do it again but just because she has decided to go 24/7 doesnt mean she is going to take advantage of her diaper 100% of the time now more than likely she will use it quite a bit but i means that instead of wearing underwear she is choosing to wear a diaper instead, so just becasue u are thinking of going 24/7 doesnt mean that you have to use the diaper 24/7

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    Just wear 24/7 by choice, no one says you have to make a full commitment and become dependent on them to be able to wear all the time. Just wear your diapers and be glad you got your control, because many incontinent people would love to be able to wear by choice instead of by necessity. Just think about it, if you needed diapers you would need them EVERYWHERE you go. Job interviews, College, Work, family get togethers, bars, etc etc

    When you actually put deep thought into the idea, the whole thing just sounds absurd

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    I would like to echo what everyone else has already said. When you are thinking from a pure AB or pure DL perspective, sure, I "get" the fantasy: babies are diapered 24/7 and incontinent and I want to be a baby, so it just makes the whole thing perfect! But there is a gigantic difference between a fantasy and reality. Fantasy is that which cannot exist in the real world because it could not sustain itself within the boundaries of nature or physics or what-have-you. Fantasy is dream, and dream is by definition unreality. To apply that to the real world...

    Well, consider this. Or, even weirder, this.

    What I'm suggesting is that it is not all it's cracked up to be. 24/7 by necessity for a year now, I know whereof I speak. Needing to wear diapers is a pain in the butt. So go ahead: wear them, if you wish. But there is absolutely no need whatsoever to try to need them. Trust any of us who do: ​you don't really want that.

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    I'll echo the same sentiments.
    I've been incontinent all my life.
    It's nothing you want to put upon yourself.

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    Seeing how it is that going 24/7 for medical reasons is a new thing for me recently I can honestly say don't force incontinence as it will hurt you in ways that are most unwholesome to describe. Of course there's nothing wrong with going 24/7 by choice so go ahead and do that just make sure you leave yourself the option of stopping at some point.

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    Hi, robertabdl74. I've been IC for my entire life, in truth, it sucks. here's what its like. I go bowling, movies, dancing, drinking, concerts, mall with friends, trying the whole time to hide my issues. I have to carry a diaper bag everywhere. I don't know when I go, thats ether. no control, don't even feel it. so start by wearing 24/7 in front of your friends and family, and USE your diapers for everything, and when your wet and bulged or have a bowel movement, do nothing for a few minutes and see how that goes, its hard to be 24/7 ic, trust me. I've lost friends, I'm embarrassed around friends that I've know forever, so before you go down that road, know what you asking for. Hope this Helps. Seems afew other members are spot on

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    My friend asked me about forcing hiself to wet himself 24/7, he read on the internet how to do it, I told him that once you are incontinent, you cant reverse it, so think about it, he pointed out that I wore pads and pants 24/7, I said I have two medial reasons for doing so, one being that I am Nocturnal Enuresis and the other being that I have a damaged bladder, and dribble slightly during the day.
    I wear Euron Super thick extra pads they have four securing tabs and I wear high side rubber pants over them for extra protection, I get them supplied for free from the NHS Continence service, it saves me thousands of pounds each year on pads and pants, I have supply my own Mattress covers and pillow cases,butthats only once a year.
    So think before you cross the line, as it cant be reversed.

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