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Thread: What's the best daytime diaper?

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    Default What's the best daytime diaper?

    So I've decided that I want to wear a bit more, including a lot more in the daytime. This however, brings up a very important issue, where Fabines and Bellisimos with as thick as they are, don't make for the most discreet diaper when it comes to wearing out and about. Now I know that nobody is ever gonna just walk up and say "Hey Alyx, you wearing a diaper?" or anything like that and I'm not really too concerned about being spotted out outed or anything like that, but why risk it at all when I'm sure there's a perfectly fine diaper that I could use during the day and not have to worry about it at all.

    So my question to you guys and gals of ADISC is, what do you think is the best brand for wearing during the day? What type of diaper have you had the best experience with when it comes to needing something a bit thinner but still manages to hold at least a wetting or two?

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    I just wear Abena M4s during the day, I'm thinking I may try the cloth backed M3s, but I'm not sure about them.

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    Tena Slip Maxi are good daytime diapers. Thin but absorbent.

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    Personally, I like either the Tena Super (Stretch) or the Abena Delta Form. They're similar in absorbency, which is actually surprisingly good, and they're both pretty discreet. I wore one of the Abenas out this morning and no one batted an eye; they never do.


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    I wear Absorbency Plus Level 4's for daytime and they work well for me.

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    Depends on what I'm wearing, and the climate I'll be in. In hotter climates, I'll wear an AP M4 or M3. If moderate or cold, I'll most likely be wearing a Slip Maxi. Those two diapers are really the only ones I trust anymore.

    Thankfully, the cloth backed ones are coming out, so I can use just the cloth backed Slip Maxis if they have breathable sides. They'll replace the M4 and the plastic Maxis for me, as I think they'll be a better option logistically, imo.

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    Tena Slip Maxi for sure, I have been wearing those lately and really like them. Very discrete and quiet. I also like the Abena M4s because they are a bit thicker and feel more comfortable and with the right pants and shirt they can be quiet and discrete. Just ordered a case of 42 actually. I wear those during the day too but I have an array of long hockey jerseys and shirts to cover it. :P

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    I wear TotalDry Plus Briefs for my daytime diapers. They are thin and work really good for me. You can order them from

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