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    So, I'm moving back to the world soon, and I'm looking at buying a stereo. I have a LCD TV, so i just need the receiver and speakers. I'm thinking an Onkyo TX-SR706 with JBL Studio L Series (2 Floor standers, a center and 2 surround.) I think I can wait to get the sub later, as the floorstanders supposedly have good bass response. thoughts?

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    sounds good by me, I build all my speakers though, my big ones can scare people with the bass response, [email protected] ~<3
    Sold the mtx's though, the new towers should be equally impressive.
    anyway, what I say is, go to and buy a bunch of speakers in sizes you need (they ship international), I'd say 10" Woofers, a 5.25" mid, and a 1" bullet tweeter, get some boxes built and you'll be impressed while saving money, unless you cant wood cut, then yea, go for it.

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    While I know quite a bit about loudspeaker design and acoustics, I'm not that up to date with what the current crop of manufacturers are offering, especially in the US. That said, JBL is a good choice and will give you everything you need in terms of bass and high end response while playing remarkably loudly and cleanly.

    In general, I approve of your approach of going for decent main L+R monitors rather than a subwoofer. Subwoofers are much harder to set up properly than most people think and while they might sound good in a movie, they can ruin a decent music recording. In general, you need to be able to get 40Hz response from your main monitors before you consider adding a mono subwoofer and your crossover point should not not be much higher than 40Hz.

    If you can, I would suggest getting a sample of what the audio world can offer: at one end, horn loaded speakers like Klipsch and Avant-garde give you incredible dynamics and sensitivity with low distortion while electrostatic speakers like Martin Logan and Quad give you amazing detail and imaging, but lack impact. In the middle are a load of possibilities: B&W, Tannoy, Monitor Audio, JBL, <insert your favourite here>.

    As an engineer and someone who enjoys rolling their own (speakers,) I can't sing the praises enough of Mr Siegfried Linkwitz enough. While Linkwitz Lab - Loudspeaker Design advocates a particular type of loudspeaker topology, there is much to be learnt about the the nature of sound reproduction on this site.

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