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Thread: SKY NEWS..... school age children wearing nappies in class....

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    Red face SKY NEWS..... school age children wearing nappies in class....

    Sorry if this is not in the correct forum but i saw this today..... Children as old as 11 and even 15, wearing nappies in class at school... quite popular in loads of schools in the uk........

    Your Thoughts on the subject?

    I feel its laziness of parents as in the report it says none of them were disabled or medically incontinent......

    Follow link for more info

    Children Over Five 'Wearing Nappies In Class'

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    WTF I can under stand year 1/2 as some children are 4 years old but 11 to 15 year olds

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    Thanks for the post. I'll check it out.

    Maybe it shouldn't surprise us.
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    It's also a US phenomenon unfortunately. It's a darn shame too as society has placed more emphasis on careers and jobs in a cultural aspect, but as well as a survival aspect for many poorer families. So parents are further out of the picture and turning to quick fixes.

    9% is still a bit of a staggering number.

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    I thought this subject would be bought up on here today. Here are my thoughts. This story was big in the news about 2 years ago and obviously...nothing's happened - if anything it's got worse. Children aged 15 haven't been toilet trained! Of course my only hopes are
    1. They're secretly doing it deliberately because they're ABDL's
    2. They shouldn't be making teachers change them...

    if being babied means that much to them they should really talk it through with their family members...yes their family members may not change for all bodily functions but possibly number ones because to some degree we do live in a more excepting society when it comes to alternate lifestyles...either that or some laws need to change if there are laws at all. What I mean by this is ABDL nurseries should not be persecuted for servicing clients of 16 years of age and above - I say this only because when I was 16 and I wanted someone to change my messy nappy nobody would...I would say in conclusion (for this branch) that unless it's one of the offered services or you want a sexual version of the procedure there is nothing sexual about an adult nappy change...ABDL Nannies/Nurses and Mummies aren't even a single kind of prostitute if you ask me - they are more like Fetish Enablers, money has to change hands of course, no one's going to change a messy adult nappy for free unless they're a very accepting SO.

    This also makes me think is it actually messy changes, are teachers changing 15 year olds who have soiled themselves? Are 15 year olds no longer embarrassed about bowel-voiding round people or who sees their genitalia? Why haven't teachers gone on strike over this? I'm just saying that if I was a teacher (and I must just add at this point that I'd be a female one, for what I've gathered of the situation male teachers are going nowhere near this - mainly because 1. it's not the done thing - changing nappies (thank you Simon Cowell!) and 2. the paedophile risk would go trough the roof) and I had to put on gloves and scrape excrement off the genitals of a 15 year old I'd want to go on strike afterwards no matter what they were paying me!

    That is of course the last question - which of the sexes is the worst here? It can not be denied that girls potty train quicker and with less fuss than boys and even though I'm asking the question and would like absolute clarification (not that I'm going to get it!) it wouldn't surprise me at all if the males of the species were the ones in nappies from the age of 7 and upwards. They'd never reveal it but if the 15 year old in nappies was female...well there really is no hope for this country is there!

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    Quote Originally Posted by babygohan View Post
    And yet we can't get a size 8 pamper.
    With all the bad-heat around the subject do you really think one's going to get manufactured and released now!

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    Quote Originally Posted by babygohan View Post
    And yet we can't get a size 8 pamper.
    Yer but we can get a Tena maxi small

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    I feel really bad for these kids. I can't imagine what sort of personal hell a healthy, non-special needs kid would go through on a daily basis having to wear a 'nappy' around their peers.

    Schoolmates are not know to be the most understanding of compassionate folks, and the stress that comes from having to worry about diapers in school surely would have a negative impact on their studies. Really pathetic that parents would do this to their kids.

    I don't accept laziness as an excuse. There should ALWAYS be time for your kids, no matter how busy. If you can't make time, don't have kids.

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