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    Hey all. So my parents are going on a day trip to San Diego Thursday, which means that I will have the entire house to myself starting at about 1 (when I get out of school). So my question is, what are some fun, diaper related things that I could do while they're gone? I know the list is infinite, I'm just wondering what you guys would suggest! And yes, I am able to drive myself places. Thanks in advance!

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    In your situation, I would first set up somekind of changing table or mat, leave diapers somewhere visible ready to be taken for a change (it must be liberating ). Also hanging out in just diapers and t-shirt everywhere in your house

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    Using diaper to it's (sorry for the pun ) fullest 1's and 2's if you don't mind clean up

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    Hmm, what to do, what to do?

    You could double up, triple up, pad it all out!
    You could take a shower, walk the lawn-mower.
    You could take a nap of power, or shower your hamster.
    You could try oatmeal/marshmallows/enemas in your diaper(if you are into that sort of thing).

    You could watch a movie, in just a shirt and a diaper.
    Do some chores, bake some cookies.
    Visit the stores, act like a rookie
    In your diaper.

    Do ride your bike or climb a tree
    Make your bed, go on a shopping spree
    Jog four rounds, swim around
    In your diaper.

    Draw your diaper, deco your diaper
    Draw on paper, colour that paper
    Take a photo, print that photo
    In your diaper

    Board the bus, ride the train!
    Just get lost, get wet in the rain!
    Explore Thebes, or even Bahrain
    In your diaper.

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