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Thread: Diaper scent differences in UK and US (Or lack of)

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    Default Diaper scent differences in UK and US (Or lack of)

    People often refer to "the pampers smell" and the smell of Luvs but until I imported some Cruisers I could never understand why people liked the smell of glue and plastic.

    So from my experience;
    Huggies Super Dry Size 6 (UK) before they were discontinued were un-scented.
    Huggies Drynites 2007 to 2012 (UK) are un-scented.
    Pampers Baby dry Size 6 and 6+ (UK) are un-scented.
    Pampers Easy Ups (UK) are un-scented but had a really strong smell of chemicals when I bought some in 2013.
    Pampers Active Fit Size 5+ (UK), un-scented.
    Pampers New Baby Size 1 (UK), un-scented.
    Toujours Junior Big Pants, (Cheep pull-ups from Lidl) un-scented.
    Pampers Cruisers Size 7 Jumbo Size (US) smell sort of sweet.

    Is this a preference of UK consumers? Has anyone else noticed this or am I buying the wrong diapers?
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    When I think of "the pampers smell" I think of what Pampers USED to smell like. They're not like the were in the 90s.

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    The "Pampers smell" (or that of any diaper) has never really been a nostalgic scent, but the scents of baby powder and oddly enough muslin are strongly nostalgic and often encourage me regress.

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    Regarding adult and UK available adult nappies, ID Expert Slips smell horrible when they come out the bag and don't lose the smell either, I'm not saying however that I worked through them quickly!

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    What I'm getting at is that UK nappies don't seem to have been intentionally sprayed with perfume to give them a distinct "baby" smell. Instead leaving just the smell of the materials they are made out of.

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