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Thread: How many ABDLs out there thought that you were a pedophile at one time?

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    Default How many ABDLs out there thought that you were a pedophile at one time?

    My story is growing up as a TBDL, and being a young ABDL I thought I was a pedo, though the kind who never would touch children because of strong moral convictions. Because I got aroused over diapers, I got aroused over diapers being changed, naturally I got aroused when babies would be changed in public nearby me. I thought that it was the children I was attracted to. It took me a long time to figure out that once the diaper was off the baby my arousal flatlined and I was aroused no more. Though, my arousal fantasies at night, while, ... being a bachelor and doing what bachelors do best, ... had always been being an adult in an infant's body with a female adult, who was in an infant's body, getting diapered, changed, or just using them. Any one with similar stories?

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    Had a similar fear once. Probably the moment I realized that pedophilia was so far removed from what I enjoyed was when I traveled over to the states to visit my brother and his newborn son. It was at that time that I was regularly contributing to ADISC, so I was in the full AB/DL swing, and I feared that being around my newborn nephew would make that awfully uncomfortable. But, having statues there for two weeks, and having to sit back while my brother changed his diapers, I came to realise that my fascination with diapers is merely on the diapers, not the age that is most associated with it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jagged View Post
    I think we've all had that fear at least once.
    actually, i don't recall ever having that fear. granted, i was able to make the distinction at a relatively young age.
    when i was about 9-10 i seen an episode of jerry springer that had ABs, and this made me realise that there were others out there like me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pein View Post
    actually, i don't recall ever having that fear.
    Fair enough. I guess I was jumping the gun with that statement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jagged View Post
    I think we've all had that fear at least once.
    That's not true for me. The idea that wanting to wear diapers and to dress like a toddler would have anything to do with pedophilia has always struck me as absurd. It makes about as much sense to me as the idea that a man who likes to dress like a woman is more likely than other men to want to sleep with women.

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    Not quite, but when I think about DL/DF/BF-related topics in public, I think "sick fuck" in my heads as if people can hear my thoughts. I don't feel safe in my own head. Heheh. Ahhhh... Lol what's wrong with me?

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    This is a tough question. I personally never wanted to do something so harmful to children, and the thought of it disgusts me. My desires were always limited to me personally wearing/using diapers.

    That said, there's no doubt that people who are misinformed associate an interest in diapers with pedophilia. It's wrong, but the association between diapers and young children is so strong for most people that they do it anyway. It's something I always have in the back of my mind, a reason I've told fewer people than I might have otherwise, and something to consider when/if you do tell someone else.

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    I never connected wanting to wear diapers with the toddlers who wear them. Of course, when I first had these desires, there was no such thing as the internet, so there was an absence of sharing information. I lived in complete ignorance. I don't think I was ever comfortable around drooling, pooping infants and toddlers until I had one of my own, and then another. I visualized myself in diapers, not toddlers or babies. When I did see a baby being changed, I was only interested in the diaper.

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    I never thought I was but being around toddlers makes me feel self conscious about it. so I tried not to interact with any kids less then 6.

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