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Thread: Bit of a diaper problem! Not able to sleep

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    Default Bit of a diaper problem! Not able to sleep

    Hi everyone,

    So i've not had chance to wear a diaper for bed for quite some time, lack of funds and lost job. But last night I managed to, sounds great doesnt it! But it was because I had dodgy bowels lol and was for a precautionary measure. (sorry if too much detail)

    But I found myself lay on my bed super super anxious in my diaper, unable to sleep. I even took it off then put it back on. I just couldn't get comfortable with it on so I had to take it off.

    Has anyone else has this problem before?
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    Just try to relax, dont think about the diaper. It gets alot easier as you keep doing it, wear for a while before you go to bed if you can.

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    First of all enjoy your healthy libido... see the positive side (sorry couldn't resist).

    That aside - I guess it is natural... you haven't worn in a while, you anticipate it, it stimulates you and well the result is that the lizard plays flag-pole.
    Now if forcefully draining the lizard doesn't help - you simply need to learn how to relax.
    Look into some basic practice on breathing techniques, basic mediation (zen stuff, empty-ness of mind), etc... learn to refocus your energy. learn how to fall asleep.
    Basically take your mind off the obvious distraction.
    and with time, you will conquer that reaction.

    I have been wearing almost all my life so far due to my IC and bedwetting.
    Now the interesting part was when I was like 8-10 my parents tried just about ANY OTHER solution for my bedwetting, anything but diapers... and I was partially "happy" as I didn't want to wear diapers anymore.
    But none of these so called solutions really worked and at one point (that was after trying that wretched alarm thing) was so sleep deprived and frustrated of waking up in a wet bed, cold, clammy, smelly and nasty wet bed that I basically begged my parents to put me back in diapers... and to my great relieve they did.
    I was able to diaper myself already (well I had a LOT of practice)...
    Now at first I was just "happy" that I could sleep through. That all that would be wet would be the diaper, easily removed... that the problem would be contained.
    That gave me a LOT of comfort, of confidence again and I remember that I felt far better.
    Now a few years later puberty hit... and around 12 I figured out the usual other stuff that boys can do with their toy-soldier.
    But being in pads during the day and diapers during the night, my first sexual experience was INSIDE a diaper... but it was a VERY MIXED blessing. as from that point on I basically had initially some issues diapering me for the night at first.
    But well after a few weird weeks I obviously "got used to the diapers" again, and the excitement vaned of to a very manageable degree.

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    Like what has been said. You just need to try to relax and don't think about it. It gets easier the more you wear a diaper.

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    yea, as infequently as i wear i deal with this all the time. after a while of wearing you get more used to it.

    i usually end up doing somthing that takes my mind off it for a anime, random youtube vids, etc. then try going to sleep.

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    Count to 100 in a foreign language, if you know one. Should definitely relax you.

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    Same here. I think it's because your not use to wearing then your brains like "woah something's different?! when you start wearing them". Maybe because you were worried about something. It's the same as if you sleep in a different place, your brain is not use to it and knows something is different. After a few nights you'll be use to it and it'll fell odd to sleep without them.

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    Thanks for the replies everyone (appologies to admin for putting explicit content in sorry!) Maybe because it was needed for real rather it took the *safe* and *enjoyable* element out of it. I will try wearing more frequent as it has been a good over half a year since I did maybe that is it as well. I thought I was the only one who would have this problem but seems its common.

    Sorry archieroni - my counting in a foreign language days have disappeared after I finished high school

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    It takes time. When I first started wearing I could not sleep in a diaper. But now I find I sleep much better in a diaper. Relax and try to take your mind off it.

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