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Thread: Want to get diapers, please help...

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    Default Want to get diapers, please help...

    Recently I've been thinking about getting some diapers online, I have Abena X-Plus in my Amazon cart right now. The only problem is I am living with a host family in Japan, and would really rather NOT want them to find out .(imagine trying to explain THAT in Japanese ) I have my own room but it's the matter of disposal I'm curious about. The Trash is taken care of by our grandma and I haven't seen any dumpsters or trashcans here except by convenient stores
    Not to mention I live on the second floor and have to always tell them when I am leaving. I have a gym bag, so maybe I could put a dirty diaper into a plastic bag and then into the gym bag, and take it to a trash can somewhere What do you think? I haven't worn in a year almost and I want to again

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    I dunno, every situation is unique. I tried to hide diapers in my home, and got busted, so I dunno if I can be of much help. Mind you, I still have diapers hidden that no one knows about. I keep them in the abena box under my bed. No one looks there, because there is lots of boxes.

    As for disposal, I live on a park, so I just pick one of the many trash cans to drop it in. I usually push other trash (mostly paper) on top too. Of course, it's in a trash bag as well.

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    I don't know the specifics in your particular ward of Tokyo, but here in Yokosuka, dirty diapers go out with burnable trash. The trash collection points in your neighborhood should be fairly well marked, and the collection days for your town should be available on your cities website. Check the website for your ward (I'm assume you live in one of the 23 special wards but I understand that this may not be the case). Then on the appropriate day, just drop them at a collection point in a 7-11 bag or something.

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    Considering diapers are a fashion now in Japan just tell them its the hip new fad. haha

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    Hiding them is not a problem since they don't go into my room, but just to be safe I'll put them in my suitcase. Wait live on a park? Are you a homeless person?
    In a trailer home I assume?
    Yeah I live in Takadanobaba, I'll try to find it, thanks.

    Quote Originally Posted by EpicPie View Post
    Considering diapers are a fashion now in Japan just tell them its the hip new fad. haha
    Well yeah, fad maybe for the elderly. That would be funny if it was some kind of new Shibuya fashion trend though lol. Instead of camping out long hours to buy the latest pair of shoes or whatever the girls waiting in line to get first dibs on new adult diapers would be great
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    J/w wondering, why are you living with a host family? Or is it like a school exchange program.

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    It's through my university back in the US, I'm studying abroad for one year at a Japanese school. I had the option of living in a dorm too but I'm not a fan of dorms.

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    A dorm would probably be easier to keep diapers in secrecy, but a host family is nice to.

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    Too late to change now. Plus my host family is awesome. Now I'm just trying to figure out WHERE to buy diapers, I tried Amazon they don't ship diapers internationally I guess?
    XPmedical does but it'd be like $20 shipping!
    I heard of a Japanese supermarket: Diaper Blog: Diapers in Japan
    That's 38 minutes from my house by train... I think my best bet would be to buy online though because it would be suspicious buying them there. But I will go to that department store to look! I just don't know what Japanese diaper brands are good and the sizing is probably different....

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    Jeeze, XP Medical is only $20 for shipping to Japan? I've avoided getting Abena X-Pluses because shipping is usually outrageous for disposables. Cloth is not too bad.

    Nick, I'm sure there is a supermarket closer to your house, but they generally don't sell diapers there, you gotta go to a HAC Drug or the like.

    Personally, I dont understand why people thing Japanese Adult Diapers are so wonderful. I think they are kind crappy, myself.

    This is kinda weird to be posting, I invited a friend to stay over because he cant move into his apartment until next week, and sleeping on the boat sucks. He is sitting right behind me playing WoW


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